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at Western Oregon University

After eighteen months, the gallery staff is excited to announce the first slate of exhibits for the 2021-22 academic year! All exhibits open tomorrow, September 29 and run through October 29. All are free and open to the public during regular building hours.

 The Cannon Gallery of Art in Campbell Hall

Eric Tautkus: Derailed Marginally

Working on-site, aerosol and graffiti artist Eric Tautkus will bring his expressive, spontaneous style and skill into the gallery space by transforming two walls (fifty feet total) into immersive, energetic works of art. A selection of Tautkus’s smaller paintings and “toys” (meticulously painted model trains and cars) will also be on display. At the conclusion of the exhibit, the graffiti walls will be cut into two-foot square sections and sold at an affordable price to benefit the new student art gallery located in the beautifully remodeled ITC.

Come by the outside doors to the Cannon Gallery (to the right of Campbell Hall’s front doors, off the concrete patio) on Wednesday, September 29 from 4 – 6 and watch as Tautkus “sketches” the designs for the graffiti murals. Tautkus says that this is the most exciting part of the process to watch! Although outside, it is a small space, so please remember to wear your mask. The exhibit will open in its entirety on Monday, October 4.


Hamersly Library, Second-Floor Gallery

On Bended Knee, We Honor Thee

Portraits of Civil Rights Leaders by Diane Elizabeth Wilson

This vibrant exhibit consists of sixty larger-than-life oil portraits painted by local artist, Diane Elizabeth Wilson. Each portrait features a civil rights leader or activist who has changed the world for the better.

Of the exhibit, Wilson says, “I chose this title for the show of portraits because the iconic pose of a bended knee is a symbol of non-violent activism. This gesture of kneeling on one knee, head bowed, fist raised is the embodiment of respect, sacrifice and humility. These same qualities are reflected in the lives of the subjects in the collection. These Civil Rights Activists, whose social conscience and activism to the cause of Civil Rights, have inspired me in their acts of kindness and respect for all people.”


The Student Gallery in ITC

Selections from the 53rd Annual Art and Design Student Exhibition

For the past two years, the Annual Juried Student Art and Design Exhibition was held online. This exhibit features artwork by returning student artists who participated in last year’s online exhibition. The artists are: McKenna Suarez, Marilyn Bergsma, Melody Barrett, David Tomasiewicz, Tobin Roark, Mitchel Garson and Genevieve Hardin. 

While in the building, be sure to check out the exquisite water-themed permanent installation by artist duo, Louis Chinn and Huameng Yu. The piece, “Re-Generation,” is made up of three parts, beginning as you walk in the front doors and concluding at the top of the north stairwell.


Look for these other exhibits opening soon:

RWEC Gallery (outside the elevator on the second floor)

Photos by Professor Daniel Tankersley

WUC Student Gallery (around the corner from the WOU Bookstore)

Solo exhibition by student artist, Sarah Westlund

Hamersly Library, Third-Floor Gallery

Art Quilts by Marilyn Bergsma

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About the Galleries:

The Cannon Gallery of Art is located in the heart of Western Oregon University’s campus in the beautifully renovated Campbell Hall. Campbell Hall was built in 1871 and is the oldest building still in use the Oregon University System. The gallery has approximately 700 square feet of exhibition space and holds seven exhibitions during each academic year. Thematic and media-specific exhibits by regional and nationally acclaimed artists are included in each annual schedule.

Beginning in October, 2018 Hamersly Library Exhibits now coordinates all scheduling with the Cannon Gallery of Art. These exhibit spaces provide WOU faculty and students an avenue to showcase their skills and talents. They provide an extension of the classroom for WOU faculty; the library has hosted several exhibits curated by faculty and students on topics/issues that they have been studying. Finally, the exhibits program provides a way for the library to “extend” its resources – to find cultural and artistic information from other individuals or areas outside the university and to bring it to the campus.  For information regarding future schedules and open dates, please contact the Cannon Gallery Director, Paula Booth, via email or at 503-838-8607.

Paula Booth 503.838.8670