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Tutoring Appointments 

At the Writing Center, we work one-to-one with you to help you increase your confidence about any writing task! We offer in-person and online appointments to suit your needs, including daytime hours and night hours in Monmouth and Salem. We believe in making it easy to access personalized, supportive feedback on your writing in real time, and we look forward to working with you!

In-Person Tutoring Appointments

Option #1: Schedule in advance

While most of our appointments last at least 20 minutes, you have the option to schedule either a 30-minute or 1-hour appointment with any of our fabulous tutors during our daytime hours. The 30-minute option is helpful for brainstorming, outlining, and shorter assignments, while the 1-hour option works best for longer projects or specialized needs. We prioritize the time based on your needs and often look at the “big picture” of your writing so you can walk away with a clear path forward.

If there are any accommodations you would like us to provide for your appointment, we are happy to adjust our space or our approach. You can let us know during your session or ahead of time, or you can contact ODS for their resources.

*Note: In-person tutoring is unavailable during this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We can’t wait to see you online instead!*

We recommend our in-person tutoring appointments for most writers: the face-to-face session allows thoughtful and adaptable communication between you and our friendly tutors. We give you the opportunity to have your work read aloud if you’re comfortable with it, and all of our tutors are trained to provide you with specific, in-depth feedback during your appointment. We encourage you to find a tutor you work well with and book regular appointments with them!

Option #2: Walk in and get help

Alongside our scheduled daytime appointments, we offer walk-in tutoring if you need the same personalized help right away. No matter what, we want to make sure you leave the Writing Center feeling eager to tackle your writing projects. In fact, all of our night hours sessions are walk-in only! These sessions are often shorter (about 20 minutes) to ensure we can help everyone, but they are a great option if you aren’t able to set up an appointment ahead of time. 

*Please note, we want to be able to help at any time, but tutors who have daytime appointments may not be available right when you arrive. We will do our best to offer you help in any capacity we can, but we recommend our scheduled appointments to guarantee you have more time with your tutor.*

Online Tutoring Appointments

*For the most up-to-date information regarding our online appointments, please visit our Spring 2020 updates page.*

An online tutoring session is a 1-hour, real-time consultation with one of our writing consultants. If you work full-time or have family commitments, the online sessions are perfect for you. Without leaving the workplace or home, you have the opportunity to meet with writing consultants in a manner that honors your responsibilities outside of school. 

We are adaptable to whatever platform and format work best for your situation. Whether this means using video chat, audio chat, or a live text chat, we aim to simulate the feeling of in-person service to the best of our ability. Learn more about making and accessing online appointments.


Email us at or give us a call at (503) 838-8286.
You can also stop by our office at APSC 301. We're excited to meet you!