Writing Support For International Students

Hello   –   你好   –   Bonjour   –   初めまして   –   안녕하세요   –   Hola   –   नमस्ते   –  السلام عليكم

We love having students from all around the world study here at WOU! We want to support you as students and as college writers. We also know that writing in a new language can be especially difficult, so we provide individualized one-to-one language support. If you are struggling with your writing, or if you would like to become more confident as a writer, we would love to meet you and help you!

Support for Students

Writing at the college level is difficult, especially when you are writing in a new language. To help you with your writing, we offer one-to-one tutoring to help you become more confident as a writer. While you can work with any of our tutors, you can schedule an appointment with Rosario to get specialized writing support. In our tutoring sessions, we can help you with any of the following:

  • Understand your professor’s assignment directions
  • Revise your papers and help you clarify your writing
  • Learn new and effective ways to make meaning with language
  • Learn how to use your home language to support your English writing



Contact us to get started!

Email: writingcenter@wou.edu
Phone: 503.838.8286
Office: APSC Room 301

You can also book directly with any tutor
on our scheduler.

Resources for International Students

Word and Phrase Resources

Are you curious how a particular word is used? This resource helps you learn how words and phrases work together to make meaning.

Oxford Learner's Dictionary

If you want to look up the meaning to a particular word, check out this online learner’s dictionary. 

English Tutoring Center

If you would like help with reading, listening, or speaking skills, feel free to check out the English Tutoring Center. 

Office of International Education

If you have questions about your student status, travel, legal forms, or insurance, this office is here for you! 

Resources for Faculty

As a Writing Center, we seek to promote the academic success of our international students by providing consultations and workshops to better understand the writing issues these students face. We provide specific support for faculty in the following ways:

  • Offering writing workshops that target the common writing issues of international students
  • Providing information on grading practices and rubrics which take the challenges of international students into consideration and provide an equitable system for all students
  • Discussing recommendations on issues related to the teaching of international students including the importance of vocabulary development and issues of plagiarism

To learn more, check out our faculty resource page!


Email us at writingcenter@wou.edu or give us a call at (503) 838-8286.
You can also stop by our office in APSC 301. We're excited to meet you!