It's taken longer than I thought to find a secure way to automatically create new pages, so that lockdown will probably be in place for another week or so yet.

However, there is a workaround, at least for Dreamweaver users. If you use Contribute,
Go ahead and go through the process to create a new page, and even though you will get an error at the last step, the database record for the page will still be created, and you should see it in the list of pages for that site.  Move your mouse pointer to the Edit link for that page, and you should see the URL at the bottom bar of your browser.  If it isn't visible, go ahead and click on Edit and look at the URL of the edit form itself.  Note the page ID at the very end of the URL.

Next, go into the X: drive via your My Computer folder and navigate to where you want the new page to be created. Copy an existing page and rename it to the exact name you entered in Websmith when you created the page record there. Open the new copy in Dreamweaver and then switch to Code or Split view.

Here is the part that is a bit tricky. In the first two or three lines of code, you should see a line that looks like:

$PageID = 1234;

Instead of "1234" you will see the page ID of the page you copied. Change this to the new Page ID you noted above. You will also need to change the ID in two more places in the code; two or three lines below the PageID you just changed, and also just a few lines before the very end of the file, you should see a line that look something like this:

Again, you will see the old page ID instead of "1234". Where this line says "standard", the line you are seeing may have a different word, and where this line says "topinclude" the line near the end of the file will say "bottominclude". In both of those lines, change the page ID to the new one.

Note that even thoush these lines are technically HTML comments that would have no effect on anything, they are actually special, and Contribute users won't be able to edit the file unless they are correct.

Then you can save the file, switch back to Design mode (or whatever mode you normally work with), and edit the file to remove the content from the old page and put in whatever you need. From that point it should work just like any other WOU page.

If it doesn't work, or if this is too much trouble to be worth it, you can also just contact Danielle or I after you have gone through the Websmith step and let us know which exact page you in your Websmith listing is the one you need created. We should be able to get it done quickly.

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