WOU Blog Server FAQ

This is a reprint of the FAQ on the WOU blog server. It was originally sent out on Friday, May 13. (And no, I’m not superstitious.)

Hello, everyone–
The Movable Type blog server is now up and running, so this week I’ll talk about how to get started with it. This will be a fairly short FAQ because my week has been filled with other urgent projects, but luckily there’s not much you need to know to get going!
* So what do I do first?
First, you need to send a message to Paul Lambert at blogadmin@wou.edu and request that a blog be created for you. Eventually, we will tie the blog server in with our other systems and automatically create blogs, but for now you must request it.
* Can I choose my username, password, title of my blog, or anything else?
Your username will be the same as your WOU email username, and your password will be a standard one, which you should change as soon as you log in the first time. You can choose whatever title you want for your blog, within reason, and also a short descriptive phrase, one line of text or less. These can be changed later.
* Where do I log in?
Go to https://wou.edu/blogadmin, and enter your username and password. The next screen is the main blog administration page; you will see a list of all the blogs you can post to; at first, this will just be one. Later on, some users may be able to post to multiple blogs; for instance, their own and another one that is written by a group. For now, though, you will see only the blog you just requested.
* How do I change my password?
This is the first thing you should do. Look on the right side of the page, and you will see a box labeled “Shortcuts”. One of the links there is called “Edit your profile”; click on it to go to the profile page. You can change any of the options here, but we do not recommend changing your username. To change your password, enter the new password in both the “Password” and “Confirm Password” boxes.
* Why does it ask me for my birthplace on the profile screen?
If you want, you can enter your birthplace for the purposes of password recovery. If you don’t, the “forgot password” link on the login screen will not work. You must also make sure that your email address is listed correctly in you profile, because the password recovery system sends the password to that address.
* How do I get back to the main page from the profile editing screen?
Click the “Main menu” link near the top, or select your blog’s name from the menu at the top of the screen and click the Go button.
* How do I actually post to my blog?
To the right of the blog name on the main page, you should see a “Create Entry” link. Click it, and it will take you to the “Create New Entry” page. This page has a lot of options on it, but luckily there is a fairly good help page available; just click the question mark button next to some of the field names. I’ll still cover the basics here, though.
* So what are the basics?
You’ll need to fill in the Title and the Entry Body fields; the rest are optional. Notice that you can choose categories for your posts; there’s no need to worry about that now, though. If your entry is long, consider putting the bulk of it in the “Extended Entry” box; that will hide that part Down at the bottom are some more options, but the only one you need to worry about right now is the Post Status menu. When you are done with your entry, you should make sure that menu is set to “Publish” rather than “Draft” or “Future”.
Go ahead and hit the Preview button at the bottom. Naturally enough, this will show you a preview of what your entry will actually look like to readers. You can choose to re-edit the entry if you want to make changes, or save it now if you are done.
* What can I say in my blog?
Pretty much anything you want. Because the blog server (like every everything else here) is owned by the state, blogs are subject to the standard limitations spelled out in the Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy, available at https://wou.edu/policy/36. This really isn’t any different from the rules on email or anything else; you just can’t use your blog for any sort of commercial business or criminal activity, and you agree to take sole responsibility for what you say.
* Where do I go to view my blog? Or anyone else’s?
Your blog is stored in the public_html folder on your H: drive in the folder called “blogs”. You should not try to edit anything in this folder by hand, unless you really know what you are doing. Since it is in the public_html folder, it can be accessed at “https://wou.edu/~username/blogs” (substitute your actual network username for the “username” part; and don’t forget the tilde “~” before it!)
This address will be listed below the blog name in the main menu page of the blog server. Anyone else’s blog, if they have one, will have a similar address. If you have a home page, I recommend putting a link to your blog somewhere on it as well. You can find my blog at https://wou.edu/~swartzer/blogs. Feel free to post comments there!
* How do I post a comment?
Click on the “Comments” link at the bottom of any blog entry (that number beside it is the number of comments already left, by the way) and you will be taken to a comment form. Just fill it out, preview it if you like, and save it!
* Where do I go for more information?
Movable Type has a good user manual; you can find it at http://sundown.wou.edu/mtstatic/docs/mtmanual.html.
That’s it for this week; feel free to email me with any questions, or post them as comments on my blog!
Thanks once again for your time and attention!

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    At the time of the BBC’s investigation late last year, the FSC said they would not expel Korindo but were working with the Korean company to address social and environmental problems.
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  40. From Wednesday, people need proof of vaccination, a negative test or recent recovery from Covid to enter most museums and cinemas. Later lawmakers will debate whether to extend its use in August for entry to cafes, restaurants and shopping malls. It comes the day after Health Minister Olivier Véran announced 18,000 new infections in just 24 hours.
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  44. It was only ever going to be a matter of time before he moved into coaching. For five years, he had shared the Blaugrana changing room with Pep Guardiola. They had a special connection and would talk football for hours, conversations that helped form their vision of an evolved style based on Johan Cruyff’s Barcelona.
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  45. But as the vaccination programme has been rolled out through the age groups – everyone over 18 has now been offered at least their first jab – people have been encouraged to seek to bring their second jab forward and get it after eight weeks.

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  46. Last week the WFP suspended movement of convoys from Afar into Tigray after a convoy of 10 vehicles was attacked. It’s not clear who carried out the attack, but observers suggest pro-government militia were responsible. A further convoy of more than 200 trucks remains on standby in the Afar town of Semera, but the WFP says the trucks won’t leave for Tigray until the security situation improves.
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    It was Zuma’s arrest for contempt of court which sparked the unrest leading to claims that his allies were seeking to overthrow South Africa’s young democracy.
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  51. The third of nine children, Mr Castillo was born in Puña in 19 October 1969, and worked as a primary school teacher from 1995 to 2020. He started his political career in 2002, when he unsuccessfully ran for mayor, and first rose to prominence in 2017 during a teachers’ strike over pay and performance evaluation.
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  52. These passports are usually accessed via an app on your phone or in some cases, paper versions are available.
    Some nations have already installed their own versions of a Covid passport which has allowed people to attend large scale events. But with some countries lagging behind with vaccinations, there is concern that some could be left behind.
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  53. Satellite images from Xinjiang province in the west of the country suggest it is building a nuclear missile silo field, a report from the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) says.
    US defence officials have expressed concern about China’s nuclear build-up.
    It is the second new silo field reported to be under construction in western China in the last two months.
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  56. If the UK conducts freedom of navigation exercises through that sea, then Ms Nouwens believes we are likely to see a repeat of what happened when HMS Albion sailed through it in 2018. It was closely shadowed by a Chinese warship from just 200m metres away, warning it to leave, while Chinese aircraft flew low over the British vessel.
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  57. The fungus had eaten its way through the plastic sponge intended to seal it in, breaking it down and assimilating it like any other food.
    The aim of the project was to evaluate a number of strains of fungus for use in bio-based insulation panels, but the hungry fungus has taken them in another direction.
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  59. Since the 1990s, the South Korean government has had to create policies to encourage Korean men, initially those in rural areas who could not find a match, to marry women from overseas.
    But the lives of these “marriage migrant” women are not easy. Some face stigma once they move to South Korea, and there have been reports of domestic violence and abuse.
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  60. a species of gum (eucalyptus) tree has seeds that are coated in a resin requiring them to be exposed to fire in order to melt the resin and expose the seed within. There are other trees with thick barks which act as heat shields to protect the vital sapwood that transports nutrients and water throughout the tree.
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  61. If Muir’s progression was straightforward, Hassan, who is due to compete in the 5,000m final later on Monday, was made to work in the final 300m so she could make up ground and take on the field after her fall.Ethiopia-born Hassan – who runs for the Netherlands after arriving in the country as a refugee aged 15 – is expected to challenge for a medal over 1500m, 5,000m and 10,000m in Tokyo.
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  62. While the majority of Team GB bathed in the golden glory of the sun-soaked successes at the home Games, British swimmers were noticeable absentees from the podium party.
    Rebecca Adlington, who had claimed two Olympic gold medals at Beijing 2008, secured double bronze and Michael Jamieson impressed with silver, but the team fell short of their medal target, which was between five and seven medals.
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    England have been almost unbeatable on home soil – their series defeat by New Zealand in June was their first since 2014 – but India dished out a 3-1 hiding when they hosted Root’s side earlier this year.
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  64. Climbers take turns to complete routes, known as problems, on a 4.5m structure in as few attempts as possible. They can have as many attempts as they like within a set time. Scores are determined by the number of problems either fully or partially solved. The problems are reset between qualification and finals and the climbers are allowed two minutes to observe the problem before the finals.
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  65. Lining up bottom of the leaderboard going into her second run, a conservative, bronze-medal routine may have been the sensible approach. But Worthington and coach Jamie Bestwick, a trailblazer in BMX freestyle, had other ideas.”I’ve learned if you gamble and give yourself that chance then it can pay off and you’ll feel better than if you hold back,” she said.
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  66. After a near 16-year period of the record remaining in tact, Muhammad and McLaughlin have now exchanged the world best on four occasions in the last two years.
    McLaughlin superbly judged her effort in chasing down Rio 2016 champion Muhammad, who set the early pace and still held a slim advantage over the final hurdle.
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  67. The incident has again put the spotlight on Belarus, which has been ruled by President Alexander Lukashenko since 1994. Last year, nationwide protests over his disputed re-election were violently repressed by the security forces.

  68. The Norwegian came into the race as the world record holder. Five weeks ago he took eight hundredths off one of track’s longest-standing marks, lowering Kevin Young’s 29-year-old record to 46.70 seconds.On that occasion, he sunk his face into his hands. This time he didn’t dare. Warholm, eyes shocked wide, kept glancing back at the clock, fearing there was an error, that the time would be revised, that he was still asleep in his cardboard bed back in the athletes’ village. But it stayed and stood.
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  69. Krystina Timanovskaya, 24, boarded a flight to Vienna on Wednesday morning. She had been expected to travel directly to Warsaw as Poland has granted her a humanitarian visa, but changed destination at the last minute, an airport official told reporters. She told the BBC her actions were not a political protest: “I love my country and I didn’t betray my country.”
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  70. One clip shows nine Israeli baseball players jumping up and down on the same bed to test its cardboard frame. Another shows Australian teammates taping a sign to their balcony to flirt with the American athletes in a neighbouring tower. There are videos of basketballers learning how to put on a tie for the opening ceremony; sprinters trying out Japanese snacks; fencers making fun of their own slip-ups.
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  71. Antonoff has a reputation for generosity and empathy. His laid-back studio demeanour is free of the sexist power games that can sour the relations between male producers and female artists.
    The 37-year-old consistently describes his collaborators as friends – even when it’s rock icon Bruce Springsteen.
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  72. With 15m people in England alone living with a long-term condition, and numbers rising, it’s no surprise the chronically ill community has exploded online in the last few years. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and Lena Dunham are opening up about their conditions, and chronic illness influencers are attracting huge social media followings.
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  74. French football expert Julien Laurens added: “I still think Barca are bluffing. From a PSG point of view and what they have said over the last year is that if Messi becomes available, and is interested, then they believe they have got enough in bank and resources to make that deal happen.
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  75. Grealish was fouled 110 times last term, more than any other Premier League player, and with De Bruyne and Mahrez potent on set-pieces, it could lead to more goalscoring opportunities for someone such as centre-back John Stones, who netted five times during the last campaign.
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  76. Going on a road trip along the coast of the oldest continent on Earth was bound to be steeped in mysteries. As I passed green and yellow road signs warning to keep a look out for kangaroos, emus and echidnas, there was another rare life form I was seeking an audience with – one that traces its ancestry to the beginning of time.
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  77. The greater glider is the only member of the ringtail possum family that doesn’t have a grippy prehensile tail. But it is also unique from its relatives in that it dines exclusively on eucalyptus leaves (like koalas) and has gliding membranes that run only from its elbows to its ankles (unlike its cousins, which have membranes stretching to their forepaws). This allows them to perform more controlled glides and gives them something of a superhero quality in flight.
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  78. How far up a stream and inland each of the four species of climbing fish go seems to be related to their adult size. “The biggest ” said Grabowski – referring towhich can grow up to a foot in length – “may not get past the lower reaches of most streams.” As you head further inland and up the mountain, larger species peter out and the smaller fish dominate.
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  79. The stromatolites resemble cauliflower – big, pillow beige structures that grow upwards from the lagoon’s limestone bottom of the lake. They look like rocks, but they are actually living things. The sediment layers itself  with the aid of organisms called cyanobacteria, until the structures turn into a rocky underwater growth that can be seen on the surface of shallow water.
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  80. The sun sets on a Games like no other, and the Olympic family prepares to pack up and leave town, thoughts will now turn to how one of the most controversial sports events in modern history will be remembered in years to come. Every Games is different of course. But Tokyo 2020 was truly unprecedented. Regardless of the undoubted sporting drama that has unfolded here over the last 17 days, it will always be the Covid Olympics. The first such event to be staged since the start of the pandemic, the first to take place amid a state of emergency, and the only one to be stripped of spectators.
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  81. The United States top the medal table for the sixth time in seven Olympic Games. At all seven, they have won the most medals. Japan’s third place in the medal table – with 58 medals including 27 gold – is the country’s joint best with Tokyo 1964 when hosting and Mexico 1968.Great Britain finished second in Rio 2016 and third in London 2012. However, this is Team GB’s second best performance at an overseas Olympics, after Rio (67 medals).
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  82. Svaneti is a sparsely populated landscape roughly the size of Devon, England, that’s marked by snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows and hundreds of now half-deserted villages. Throughout his childhood, Davit Khergiani spent each summer here, in his family’s native Mestia, the small provincial capital that doubles as the starting point of the Mestia-to-Ushguli trail. His family have a traditional koshki, one of the roughly 175 medieval defensive stone towers built by the autonomous Svan clans who have traditionally governed this region with little outside interference.
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  83. Most days after class, I would swap my school shoes for mud-encrusted wellies, watching with envy as my friends were whisked away in their parents’ warm, dry cars. My mum was working long hours in the city and there were no public buses plying the school’s narrow access roads, so I had two options: walk the two-mile bridleway that connected my village to the school; or wait until dinnertime to be picked up. The decision, despite having to trudge through shin-deep mud for 40 minutes, was an easy one.
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  84. The government reported 71 new domestic cases on Wednesday – the highest daily count since January. A vaccination campaign for minors aged 12 to 17 is being expanded to try and combat the spread of the highly contagious delta variant. The latest cases have now spread to at least 16 provinces and municipalities It is unclear how many in China are fully vaccinated, although authorities say more than 1.6 billion doses have been administered so far.
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  85. The midfielder – who joins on a six-year contract – is expected to make his Premier League debut for City at Tottenham on Sunday.Grealish set out several reasons for wanting to join City, including his hope it would boost his chances of a starting spot with England, and his desire to play under manager Pep Guardiola.He said playing in the Champions League and “performing” for the club “could set me up to have a brilliant future with the national team”. Grealish impressed for England in Euros warm-up wins against Austria and Romania and made one start and four substitute appearances, registering two assists, for England during the tournament.
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    Smeed was ably supported by captain Moeen Ali, who made a blistering 28-ball 59 and hit three successive sixes off Graeme White, in front of a sell-out Edgbaston crowd of almost 18,000.
    Fire, who are now all-but eliminated, never got going in their reply – losing regular wickets throughout as they slipped to 91 all out from just 74 balls.
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  88. Most days after class, I would swap my school shoes for mud-encrusted wellies, watching with envy as my friends were whisked away in their parents’ warm, dry cars. My mum was working long hours in the city and there were no public buses plying the school’s narrow access roads, so I had two options: walk the two-mile bridleway that connected my village to the school; or wait until dinnertime to be picked up. The decision, despite having to trudge through shin-deep mud for 40 minutes, was an easy one.
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  89. As I sat with my cappuccino and demi-baguette reading a collection of short stories by celebrated Rwandan writer Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse that I’d just found at Kigali’s best literary bookshop, Ikirezi Books, I noticed my phone was running low. I asked the young man at the next table, whom I’d overheard speaking English earlier (most people do in this trilingual city, but it’s good to check), if he had a charger. He did not. He went back to his MacBook, I to my short story, and then, about a minute later, he turned back to me.
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  90. It takes a lot to make Shelley Holroyd think twice about competing The javelin thrower once stopped a doctor from putting a plaster cast on her injured arm because it would have interfered with her Olympics training But if she were still competing, Holroyd is not sure she would feel comfortable taking part in the 2023 World Athletics Championships.
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  91. The event is being held in Hungary whose government has introduced a number of laws hostile to LGBTQ+ people – and Holroyd is gay Personally I’d be a little apprehensive about going she says If you’re an LGBTQ+ athlete and you’re going to a place that’s quite homophobic, you’re going to have that resting on your shoulders.
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  93. Do they compete in countries with laws or governments that discriminate against LGBTQ people or stay at home and miss competitions they ve spent a lifetime training for Governing bodies too are under mounting pressure to explain how awarding events to such countries fits with their own commitments to inclusion and diversity.
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  94. The sporting calendar for the next few years shows just how many major events are being held in countries with laws hostile to the LGBTQ community Oman – where homosexuality is illegal – has hosting rights for the 2024 Hockey5s World Cup – a five-a-side version of the sport – and will co-host the Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup this October and November.
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  95. The team had gone through the rural village of were only 40km from home when all of a sudden, after making a turn, they found themselves surrounded by a wildfire. It was a scene of complete pandemonium; parts of flaming trees flew through the air with a noise that sounded like the roaring sea. Redondo couldn’t believe his eyes. He told the driver Luis Chaves to stop immediately. Chaves however, didn’t listen to him. The bus was too big to quickly turn around, he thought – it was too dangerous. He kept saying: “I have to go through it, I have to go through it.
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  96. Many elite athletes will list communication as a key attribute for success – which is why some people with stammers might think that team sport isn’t for them.
    But in reaching the top of their profession, both Brown and Shell say sport has actually helped their stammers. They have found that on the field, stammering was never an issue. For Brown, he puts that down to the team environment and to the quality of his team-mates.
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  97. Research from the BBC Afghan service shows the militants now have a strong presence across the country, including in the north and north-east and central provinces like Maidan  They are also closing  in the west, and the southern cities of Kandahar and Lashkar . US troops and their allies forced the Taliban from power in November 2001. The group had been Osama Bin Laden and other al-Qaeda figures linked to the 11 September 2001 attacks in the US.
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  98. As well as increased general stress and anxiety levels, a rise in sleep problems has been put down to other factors caused by the pandemic – such as the enforced changes to daily routines and social lives. With tired staff less productive, the pandemic has led to a number of companies focusing on helping their employees get a better quantity, and quality, of sleep. Ms Baker’s employer, a London-based marketing firm called MVF, is one such business.
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  99. Despite there being 41 full-time professionals in the women’s game, Windsor is one of the many players balancing multiple careers with dreams of becoming a professional cricketer.
    Away from cricket, Windsor works for the Children’s Development Service at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. As a paediatric therapy technician, the 24-year-old is part of a wider team responsible for the rehabilitation of injured or developmentally disabled children.
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  100. Longlisted for the 2021 Booker Prize, this New York Times bestseller weaves together the stories of two women living decades and continents apart: Marian Graves, an intrepid pilot whose plane goes missing while she attempts to circle the globe, and Hadley Baxter, a scandal-racked Hollywood actress recently sacked from a Twilight-alike movie franchise, who is drawn to Graves’s story.
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  101. Couple that with a new wave of deaf actors on the verge of stardom, like Millicent Simmonds, star of both A Quiet Place movies; Lauren Ridloff, who will be seen as one of the lead superheroes in Marvel’s Eternals; and Shoshannah Stern, who was the first deaf doctor in hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, and it seems like deaf people may finally be gaining the kind of visibility within the industry that they have long been denied.
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  102. In his past wresting life, Johnson, then better known as The Rock, followed in the footsteps of his father, the pioneering Rocky Johnson, who along with partner Tony Atlas, was the first black champion in WWE history when the duo became tag team champs in 1983. His son then made his WWE debut in 1996 and stopped wrestling fulltime in 2004 as his movie career
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  103. Bautista has turned his overly-serious wrestling persona on its head and slid effortlessly into being the kind of funny personality that defies expectations. In the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, he has turned the green-skinned Marvel superhero Drax the Destroyer into something more than a generic CGI heavy with his sardonically witty line readings.
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