Monthly Archives: April 2013

And now, WordPress!

Due to a teeth-grindingly annoying legal issue, we suddenly can’t use any google apps outside the core package for anything WOU-related.  One of the ones we lost is Blogger, so now we’re using WordPress.

The migration wasn’t particularly hard, except for posts that contained images, i.e. not very many of mine.

I moved the blog last Tuesday, and by Sunday I already had four spam comments.  How did I know they were spam? Well, the standard “I liked this post which I will not talk about specifically” sort of wording is probably a giveaway to most people already, but here’s the real clincher: because I forgot to set a theme after importing, this blog was not visible at all in normal browsers. Pure white screen, until a few minutes ago.  So, the comments must’ve come either from a robot reading the source code directly, or one posting automatically to the comment submit link.  Spammers, gotta love ’em. If by the word “love” you actually mean “loathe”, that is.

Anyway, enough of that.  Gotta get more work done.