Monthly Archives: May 2006

Wiki server security

OK, user registration on the wiki server now requires a valid WOU login. I got a little sick of spammers crapping on our server, so this should lock them out.

If you have any trouble registering, please let me know at

Oh, and I probably shouldn’t mention this until I have it working, but I think I see a fix for the long-standing problem of the missing email notification of changes. With luck, that’ll be taken care of soon.

Wiki server is back up

Hey folks, you may (or may not) have noticed that the wiki server was down for a few days. This was because we got more spam on it. It’s cleaned up again, and I’ve locked the guest account so it can no longer edit anything on the server.

In the near future I’ll also be adding account verification to the user registration process; if you’re already a user this won’t affect you, but new people who want to register will have to provide a valid WOU login. If anyone finds this inconvenient, well, blame the spammers.

Another vacation?!?!

Well, this is extremely short notice, but I’m off to Crater Lake for the rest of the week. There’s a place down there that we thought was going to come available next month, but it turns out the only time we can get is… this week!

So I’m working frantically to try to get stuff done that I’d promised would be “this week”. We’ll see how it goes.

Wiki spam

It looks like some spammer, and probably more than one, has been dumping their crap on our wiki server for the last couple of weeks. I just spent the last ten or so hours cleaning that up. I’ve disabled the guest account, which is where most of the damage came from, plus a few other spammer accounts that have crept in since Troy left.

Looks like I’m managing the wiki server now; if you see anything that looks like spam, or if you have any general wiki questions, please feel free to ask me!