Monthly Archives: November 2007

New blog server version

So, one of the projects I’ve been working on is the blog server upgrade to version 4. (4.0.1, to be precise.) It’s been a real struggle, but it’ll soon be ready to test.

You can go to and log in with your normal blog password.

That test server is a clone of the existing one as of a month or two ago, so your more recent entries will not show up. (And if you’ve changed your password recently, you might need to log in with your old password.) You can create entries, and they’ll show up at your real blog address… but your more recent entries on the real server will disappear until you go back to the real server and rebuild your blog there.

Once problem with the test server I’ve not yet been able to fix: sometimes when creating a new entry, you can’t enter any text in the main text box. If that happens, hit the Preview button, and then it should work.

That’s it for now.