Monthly Archives: July 2005

TrackBack spam

Well, it looks like that nofollow plugin to defeat comment spam is effective; now I’m getting TrackBack spam instead.

I want to allow TrackBack pings, so I can see if any other blogs are linking to my blog; but man, there was some disgusting looking spam in those TrackBacks. Since each TrackBack creates a link on my blog to the blog that supposedly mentioned my post, TrackBack spammers can create links to their spam sites by sending TrackBack pings. This is really annoying, and to my knowledge there’s no way to stop it, at least not yet.

Luckily, on your blog control panel, you can view and delete TrackBacks; just click the “TRACKBACKS” button in the left-side toolbar.

By the way, I’m going to be off campus tomorrow, Thursday the 28th, but will be back in on Friday, normally my day off.

Busy day

Today was a day for catching up with a lot of things that fell through the cracks while I was up to the eyeballs in programming. Apologies to the people who waited for things; I will start getting to the quick requests a little more quickly.

Part of what I was working on, and just finished before the weekend, was a fix for all the students who had their files migrated and had their public_html websites stop working. All of those sites should be up and running again.

Anyway, it’s late and I need to get going, so I’ll sign off now.


I finally got the automated blog creation script going. This means we’ll be able to set up blogs in bulk for the whole incoming Freshman class, and any other group we want; also, it means Paul will be able to create individual blogs more quickly.

I just had to share that. :-}

More new blogs at WOU

I haven’t been posting these for a couple of weeks, so there’s a bunch to catch up on!

By the way, I am working on a public page to list the blogs on our server. A question for anyone who is paying attention; should I automatically include everyone, or only include people who don’t ask to be removed, or only include people who specifically say it’s OK to be listed? Or any other ideas?