Web updates not showing up?

A few people are reporting that they make web edits on the X: drive, save the file, but the changes never actually show up on the web.

If this is happening to you, the first thing to check is the label on your X: drive in My Computer. It should say “wouwebsite$ on ‘Samba 3.3.4 (firefly)’ (X:)”. If your X: drive says ‘sundown’ instead of ‘firefly’, it means that your X: drive was set up manually at some point, and so it couldn’t get changed automatically when we changed everybody else’s.

Right-click the drive and choose Disconnect, then log out and back in to your computer, and whether you see an X: drive and that it says firefly instead of sundown. If you see that, everything should be fine now, except that if you use the Terminal Server, you need to make sure to check there too.

If you don’t see an X: drive after logging back in, let me know. You can reconnect it by going to the Tools menu at the top of the My Computer window and choosing “Map network drive” which should pop up a dialog box. Choose X: from the Drive menu, and type “\\firefly\wouwebsite$” in the Folder box. (Don’t type the quotes, and make sure you use backslashes \ rather than normal slashes /.) Make sure the “Reconnect at logon” box is checked, then click Finish and you should be all set.

EDIT: We have now changed things so that you can no longer make changes if your X: drive is connected to the wrong place. If you went into your X: drive and saw only a text file that told you to come here, that’s why. If you go through the above process (remember to do it on the terminal server too, if you use it) and it does not fix anything, please let me know!

All recently changed files in the old server (sundown) have been moved to the new server (firefly) as of 1:00 AM on Monday August 30. Again, please let me know if anything is missing or looks wrong.

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