OK, it’s a quarter to two, I’ve been here since noon (you can criticize my schedule when you start working fourteen-hour days) All week I’ve been wracking my brains over one single annoying bug in the new prettymail system. Three messages out of 100 come across completely blank, for no apparent reason whatsoever. Their source code looks exactly as it should — even though these are annoying MS-Word copied emails with hundreds of lines of insane proprietary CSS code, I’m pretty sure of that. I’ve read pages and pages of documentation, I know all about how to build multilevel MIME-type email messages in five different encodings, I’ve gone so far as to manually change the source code in every way I can think of, and pipe the message through the mail system over and over and over again.

But they don’t show up. Completely blank. No matter what I do. It blows my mind. I’ve tried everything I can think of.

This kind of thing is just part of being a programmer. Something will stop you cold in your tracks and you have to beat your head on the wall until you find that one letter that’s supposed to be capitalized but isn’t, or that one variable that got replaced by a local value when you weren’t looking, or whatever.

The problem is, I really need to get this done because people are waiting on me. Other projects are waiting on me. I can’t afford to take this long on something like this. One thing I do know, though; it’s 2 AM now. I’m sure not going to solve it right now. Time to have a weekend and try some more next week.

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