Continuing the mini theme

My new keyboard got here yesterday and I installed it without much trouble. This mini is far easier to upgrade than any laptop I’ve ever worked with — just unscrew two screws, lift the keyboard, pop a couple of little latches and unplug the cable and the old one’s out, then reverse the process and the new one’s in. The ribbon cable was a little hard to get lined up right, but I got it after a few tries.

The new keyboard is much, much better than the old one. The keys are offset like a standard keyboard, and the punctuation keys are in their normal places rather than shoehorned into odd corners or converted into function-key combinations. My typing speed is way up, even though the keys are slightly narrower. Here are pictures of the old and new keyboards together that someone posted to a forum; the topic includes instructions on how to get and install the keyboard.

I’ve also been delving more into Linux. Like I said a few posts ago, it’s a lot easier than it was in the past — however, all the geeky stuff is still there under the hood, ready to be poked and prodded and reconfigured. More on that later.

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