Mini laptop

A couple weeks ago, Michael Ellis clued me in on a nice little deal from Dell; through their Faculty/Staff/Student purchase program, they have great prices on their mini laptops, also known as netbooks. (If that link doesn’t work, go to and choose Higher Education from the menu.)

Just for being part of WOU, you get a 7% discount at any time, though to take advantage of it you’ll need to create a dell login and give them your V-number to prove you’re really associated with WOU. They also have $50-off deals that come and go on various systems from week to week; if you don’t see the deal on the model you want, wait a few days and look again, and repeat until you do see it. Make sure you’re logged in with your dell account, or it might not show you the deals!

You can find their netbooks on this page. I got the Mini-9, and I’m happy with it except for the narrow keyboard which has several keys in odd places. The brand-new Mini-10v is almost the same price, but with a slightly wider screen and a more normal keyboard.

I’ll probably be posting more about this thing as the days go by.

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