Felt like I got hit by a train

I’ve been fighting a low-level cold for a couple of weeks, and I thought I had it beaten, but last Thursday it came back and bought its friends. That pretty much shot my weekend, but I’m feeling better now and ready to get caught up on the stuff I got behind on from taking sick time.

Other than that, the main thing I’m working on now is a way to automatically create everybody a Moodle account, so we can link Moodle to the WOUPortal. In case you aren’t familiar with Moodle, it’s our main tool for online classes, or for adding online content to normal classes. Some of our online class stuff is still on the old WebCT server, but most of it has been moved to Moodle. To check out Moodle, go to http://online.wou.edu.

The next project is to automatically enroll students in the Moodle courses as soon as they register for the class in Wolf Web. I’ve figured out the basics of how to do this, but the tricky part will be to detect when people drop courses, and un-enroll them in Moodle.

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