Blog server update woes

Known problems with our upgrade:

  • People with blogs outside their public_html folder may encounter permission errors when rebuilding (eh, they call it “publishing” now) their blog
  • If you apply a style to your blog, it will completely mess things up and your blog will look like the computer puked. (That’s the technical term, anyway)
  • You get randomly logged out when administering your blog
  • the blog stats widget doesn’t show anything

I have yet to figure out why this is. I can fix the permission errors when they are reported to me, at least. And newly created blogs won’t have any problem with styles. I just wish we didn’t have 42 million blogs on our system (well, OK, I exaggerate. It;s really a bit over 13,000, of which fewer than 500 have even one entry.)

FeH. OK, I need to get back to working on this thing instead of complaining about it.

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