Next MT upgrade – problems

Ever since the Movable Type upgrade, we’ve had problems with the StyleCatcher and WidgetManager plugins. I haven’t had any luck fixing them; nobody else has reported the type of problem we’re getting, or at least they haven’t reported it in anyplace that Google can get to it.

Tonight I tried upgrading Movable Type to the next version, hoping it would solve the problem. This was supposed to be a much easier upgrade than the last one since it doesn’t involve any database changes. But it didn’t work. Apologies to any of you who got errors; the server was only down for a minute when I tried the upgrade, and less than a minute when I tried the second time.

The existing version is running normally. I’ll need to do some more research before trying this upgrade again.

Also, there probably won’t be much of an FAQ this week as I’m feeling under the weather.

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