It’s been a while.

Hmmm, I’ve left this blog alone way longer than I intended. That needs to change.

The automatic user creation process is finished, except for the very last step; the automatic part. For some reason it gets errors when we schedule it as an automatic job, even though it works fine when we run the command manually. So all I have to do is remember to type in a command once a day, even on weekends, until this last little issue gets figured out.

I’ve been busy lately with the new web design project. Sometimes it seems that progress is slow, but at least there is progress.

Other projects I’ve put time into are the Calendar of Events (fixing bugs and making minor function upgrades) and an export filter for the Business office to get loan data exported by one of their programs into the proper format for the Treasury department’s new system.

Oh, and my office has moved as well. I’m still in 009, but now instead of my little office by the front door, I’m now in the room behind the helpdesk where the hardware repair area was. Joe and his team are moving into ITC007. I’m sharing the new space with Dale Goodell, so my new area is actually smaller than the old one; however, I wasn’t using a lot of the space in my old office, so I’m not suffering from the change. Getting a new machine sweetened the deal a lot; my old one was over four years old.

And as always, my job has lots of little tasks; updating webpages, fixing little problems on the website, creating URL shortcuts, and setting up editing permissions on new and existing folders.

And that, of course, brings me to the webserver migration, but tonight I’m busy enough working on it that I don’t have any more time to talk. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get an entry up explaining more about that. With luck, I’ll have time to get an FAQ written this week, believe it or not!

Which reminds me, if anyone has a topic they want to see explained in an FAQ, please let me know!

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