The first few weeks of new term-London living

Always harder than I think it will be to write a blog post every week, sorry!!

It is currently the fifth week of lessons, time is flying by!! My modules are slightly more interesting than last term like I said in a previous post. They are definitely more time consuming and I am a bit worried about my writing intensive module because I have to write 15-20 pages of fiction by the end of the term. I haven’t written fiction since I was probably 11 so this will be challenging.

Since my friend from Seattle left I haven’t gone into central London as much. I babysit for a family in Fulham which is quite close to Uni luckily and closer to central. The other day I went in with my good friend and flatmate Hannah. We went to Camden Town which is probably the quirkiest neighbourhood in London, very very strange. It’s hard to describe but it’s not like anything I have seen before in any other neighbourhood. We then went to Oxford Street to do a bit of window shopping. Oxford Street is the street to go to for shopping, it is always extremely busy.

It is our friend Jess’s birthday on Friday and we will be going to a club in central London which I am super excited for as we have only really gone to the clubs Roehampton has deals with like Fez and Grand.

We are already talking about Spring break which comes after the term finishes on the 24th of March. It is a three week break which is crazy! We are hoping for a little girls holiday somewhere on the continent maybe and if not I might go somewhere. I have friends in Sweden and one of them wanted us to go to Berlin together which would be amazing so thinking about that.

Not much else to report so until next week!

Cheers xx

A picture of some of the buildings in Camden Town

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