General Instructions

After you attend pre-departure orientation, the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchanges will enroll you as an “author” for the photo-blog. You will receive an auto message saying that you are now enrolled. Once you receive that message, you’re all ready to go.  Just login to the WOU Students Abroad blog, using your regular WOU login credentials.  It’s that easy!  And remember to check your WOU email frequently as I will send all important messages to your WOU email address.

I suggest that you write a post to introduce yourself and tell us why you chose the location where you’ll be studying. This initial post is important because if you have any problems posting, I can help you solve them before departure.

After your introductory post, you’ll post to the blog pre-departure, on arrival, at least once a week while abroad, prior to coming home, and on your return home. You will find the instructions for each assignment on the Blog Assignments link on the home page as well as on the handout in your orientation notebook.  Read each assignment before writing your post and respond to all parts of the assignment.

Use standard, written English, and avoid the shorthand writing and abbreviations often used in text messages, instant messages, and emails. Sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling do matter.  Have fun and be creative.

Include photos that are relevant to your written posts and describe the photos for us.  Remember to keep your camera close at hand, so you can record those things that capture your attention. What do you find puzzling, strange, confusing, beautiful, unusual, or intriguing? Your written/photo posts will help you record your progression through your journey and the changes you experience along the way.

At least once a week and until return, post reflective comments and questions to posts that intrigue and interest you written by your fellow students. If you are experiencing similar situations as they are, share your experience.  If you don’t understand something they wrote and would like to know more about a particular post, ask for clarification.

I will only edit posts that are offensive or potentially embarrassing or damaging to you or others. This blog is “live,” will exist forever in cyberspace, and your families, friends, and future employers will have access to it.