While Abroad

Post at least once a week and include and describe relevant photos with each post.

These posts are open-ended and give you the opportunity to observe your new culture at a deeper level, using all of your senses—sight, sound, taste, smell, touch—to explore your environment, to observe the people around you, and to reflect on the emotions and responses that arise as you learn and explore.

What do you see that stimulates your curiosity?  Why?  Use DIVE in these posts. Describe what captured your attention;  Investigate to see if you can discover the meaning, history, or purpose;  Verify what you find out by talking to locals, going to the library, researching the internet, etc.; Explain what you discovered to rest of us. Use photos to illustrate what peaked your curiosity, what you discovered, and what you felt. Remember to include descriptions about your photos.

Was your curiosity satisfied or did you discover new things in this process that you want to learn more about? What were they?  What did you learn about yourself?  If you like, include links to other sites, so we can learn more about your discoveries as well.

The DIVE process of describing, investigating, verifying and explaining comes from the Australian “Bringing the Learning Home” project, developed by Jan Gothard, Greg Downey, Tonia Gray, and Linda Butcher.  http://ozstudentsabroad.com/  With their permission, we are using some of the materials and ideas from their project to improve what we do at WOU.