About Us

Western Oregon University’s Office of Study Abroad and International Exchanges is dedicated to helping students make the very most of their experience abroad.

All WOU students who study or intern abroad complete a capstone project. The purpose of the project is to prepare students for success abroad, to enhance their cultural observation skills, to facilitate their reflection on the impact of the study abroad experience once they return, and to assist them in articulating why the experience mattered.

We are committed to continual program improvement, and many colleagues contribute to our efforts:

  • Dr. Victor Savicki, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, provides valuable expertise to our data collection and analysis efforts.
  • Ms. Tina Palmer deals with the myriad of paperwork and documents necessary to keep our students safe and healthy abroad.
  • And the generosity of four Australian colleagues whom I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting directly, Jan Gothard, Greg Downey, Tonia Gray, and Linda Butcher, have inspired us with their  “Bringing the Learning Home” project, which they presented at the 2012 Forum on Education Abroad conference in Denver, Colorado.  http://ozstudentsabroad.com/  With their permission, we are using some of the materials and ideas from their project to improve what we do at WOU.

Michele V. Price, Director

Study Abroad and International Exchanges