Late Christmas Holiday post

Hello, long time no blog! I had a friend from Seattle staying with me so things have been busy but I am ready to catch you up on life in England.

As I am here for a year, my family came for Christmas so I could stay in England but we could still be together. It was our first Christmas in England together. We were in the London area for a bit so my family could see London at this time of year and my dad had memories of places he particularly liked at Christmas when he was growing up here. We also spent time with family and friends in the area.

We then made our way towards Gloucester where we would be spending Christmas with friends. Gloucester is in SW England but is further NW from London. On the way there we stopped off at a couple of places. Our first stop was Bath, a beautiful city famous for its Roman baths. It was beautifully decorated for Christmas and we stayed at a lovely pub inn.


Bath Abbey

Just a lovely picture from a bridge in Bath 🙂

We then moved onto Glastonbury which in June is the location of the famous music festival appropriately called Glastonbury. Not as much to it as Bath but a lovely place nonetheless. We spent a night there and then slowly made our ways to Gloucester that day stopping in Wells, another adorable village that we had been to when I was about 6 and my sister 2. Then we went to two of the Cotswolds villages for a little bit.

Christmas was lovely, we were with a couple who my dad has known since we was 16 when he worked with one of them. They have two frown kids and every day we were there we spent time with their daughter and her husband and two children. It was great and very relaxing.

All of us at our friends’ house for Christmas 🙂

The day after Boxing Day we left Gloucester and went to the Isle of Wight, an island south of London. My dad’s sister, her husband and my cousins live there. We were there for four nights spending time with the family and going on lovely but very blustery walks.

A view from one of our walks

We returned to the London area on New Years Eve, picked up my friend Brittney who was visiting me from Seattle and spend New Years Eve at my aunties, my family left the next day.

It was an amazing holiday and I feel so lucky that my family came to spend Christmas with me here in England.

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