Ireland Bound

Hi everyone!

My name is Shannen Brouner and I’ll be quite honest about my first post, I am technically behind in my blogging and am writing this first introductory and “pre-departure” post from my room in Dublin, but using my personal journal entries and memory as reference.

So, I’m Shannen, a fifth year and transfer student at WOU. I started my first two years at Central Oregon Community College near my small hometown of Prineville, and am now attending Western, soon to graduate with a BA in Communications. I enjoy reading (primarily fantasy), watching movies and television (Parks & Rec and The X-files are two of my favorite shows right now), geocaching, watching theatre, crafting, taking photos, eating, and sleeping, among other things. I’m characteristically studious, shy and quiet, I never learned how to ride a bike, I was on PLUS team last year, and I’ve never traveled to another country (and only a bit around this one).

I’m sojourning in Dublin, Ireland with my partner of over three years, Nathaniel. Just like him, I’ve wanted to travel to Ireland for a very long time. I know embarrassingly little of the country’s history and culture, but, like many, am drawn to it’s stunning beauty and (what I hear of its) charming and friendly people. I’ve got Irish blood in me somewhere and am a bit of a sentimental heritage traveler because of it. I’d like to go to the river Shannon which I’m (obviously) not even named after and find some link in either region, pub, or person to my mother’s maiden name Mahoney, we’ll see how it goes. I’d really like to get the experience of traveling across the world (and an English speaking country seemed a good place to start), make new friends from all over, learn about the country from the country, photograph Ireland, enjoy a pint, have fun, explore, learn something about myself, and go on an adventure.


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