Turning around teriyaki

How to make the most of Yang’s Teriyaki leftovers

Jude Bokovoy | Lifestyle Editor

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Yang’s Teriyaki is one of the most beloved restaurants to communities near Western’s campus. Yang’s Teriyaki is known for their filling cuisine, great prices and friendly staff. Typically any large combination meal can be used to create three full portions depending on the person. Once the leftovers hit the three day mark, one may want to revamp their leftovers. Below is a recipe to boost leftover Yang’s Teriyaki chicken and rice.



Start to finish: 7 minutes

Yields: One serving

Portion of Yang’s Teriyaki chicken

Portion of Yang’s Teriyaki sushi rice

2 eggs

½ Tablespoon of chili oil

Furikake, optional

Sriracha or Yang’s Teriyaki hot sauce, optional

Kimchi, optional

Cook eggs sunny side up in a small frying pan. Once halfway cooked, top with chili oil and place a lid over the top. Heat remaining Yang’s Teriyaki rice and chicken in the microwave for one minute and thirty seconds. Then add hot sauce and furikake. Once eggs have a thin white layer over the yolks place on top of the rice and chicken. Place kimchi off to the side. Feel free to add or take away anything if desired.