The signs vote on the best form of chicken

The Western Howl Staff

Chicken Nuggets or Tenders?

Aries ⏤ 69 cents for chicken nuggets. 

Taurus ⏤ Yes.

Gemini ⏤ One of each obviously

Cancer ⏤ Nuggets

Leo ⏤ Why, are you buying?

Virgo ⏤ What Scorpio said.

Libra ⏤ The ones from Lunchables

Scorpio ⏤ Nuggets, dino ones specifically. Anything else is subpar.

Sagittarius ⏤ raw????? uwu

Capricorn ⏤ Tenders FTW

Aquarius ⏤ b r e a s t

Pisces ⏤ nuggets with honey mustard 10/10

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