Monmouth welcomes a smokin’ new food truck

The Loaded Grill deli and barbecue shop opens in Monmouth

Allison Vanderzanden | Lifestyle Editor

A new food truck has opened in Monmouth — The Loaded Grill, a barbecue and deli-style eatery, is now serving customers at The Annex next to the Donut Bar. Owner Eric Brown and his wife held a soft open on Jan. 12. 

Brown decided to open another food truck alongside the Donut Bar to support Limitless Ministries, the church that helped Brown acquire The Annex lot.

“I feel this obligation, because the church … did a lot of it for me and my business,” Brown said. However, Brown said the pandemic conditions have made it difficult to bring other food truck owners to the lot. After seeing a need for fresh food in the community, he and his wife opened up a place to serve sandwiches and barbecue.

Brown built The Loaded Grill himself and designed it with the customers in mind. The truck has a large awning as well as counters that provide a safe amount of space between staff and patrons. Plus, while waiting for an order, customers get to watch exactly what goes into their meal through the pickup window.

Already, fan favorites from The Loaded Grill include mouth-watering pulled pork nachos, hot meatball subs and perfectly prepared pulled pork sandwiches ⏤ which I can personally recommend. The shop also offers entire meals for an affordable price, and on certain days during the week, they sell Traeger-smoked full chickens that can feed a whole family or a single person for a few days. 

For the time being, The Loaded Grill is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., though Brown hopes to be open on weekends by the end of February. As for future plans, Brown wants to continue giving back to the community as much as he can.

“I’m going to utilize my networks to the best of my ability,” Brown said. “Once we settle in and get a little bit of consistency going, then we’ll ramp up the new year with more stuff — more fundraisers, more giveaways.”

Find The Loaded Grill at 191 Monmouth Ave N, and follow them on Facebook @The Loaded Grill to stay up-to-date with deals and offers. Call or text them at 503-798-1328 to place an order and inquire about deliveries.

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