How to improve your resume

Tips to improve your resume for career applications

Mollie Herron | News Editor


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The 2021–22 school year is coming to an end, which means that for many students the next step is applying for “real jobs.” As students start applying for more prestigious jobs, their resumes need to reflect their new education experiences. Here are some tips to improve a resume to impress future employers.

The most important role of a resume is to showcase the most relevant information and skills of an applicant. Many people graduating from college have experience in a wide variety of jobs including retail, customer service, fast food and coaching. If someone has worked in all of these different positions but is applying for something specifically food-related, it might not be as important to include the retail or coaching experience. The fast food and customer service experience would be a great description to include in the past employment section due to the requirements.

While it may feel strange to omit a school from a resume, high school education does not need to be listed. Unless having a diploma from a specific high school increases the chances of getting the job, there is no need to include it in the education section. This would be most helpful in positions like coaching or teaching, where a connection to the community is valued in employees.

At the beginning of every resume there should be a brief summary or profile of the applicant that provides a brief introduction as well as the relevant qualifications that fit the job they are applying for. Later in the resume, the specifics of the qualifications can be listed in the form of bullet points so that more information can be included.

A resume is all about the applicant, so it may be tempting to use the word “I” when describing oneself. The bullet points make it easy to avoid using “I” and to explain all requirements of past jobs.

Western offers many resources to help students looking to prepare for future applications. Visit the Service Learning & Career Development Center for help with all career advising needs. Career counseling, resume critiques, workshops and more are offered in person and even more are offered online. Drop in the Werner University Center room 119 or visit for more information.