Anyone who was a part of the Multicultural Student Services & Programs Office. This could be as part of MSU (a member or on the executive board), part of the MCR program (Multicultural Representatives), Diversity Scholars (recipients of the Underrepresented Minorities Achievement Scholarship, Diversity Achievement Scholarship, Diversity Commitment Scholarship, Peggy Hyatt Scholarship, David S Brody Memorial Scholarship, OMSLI Scholarship), On-Track, and/or any other way you were involved in MSSP.


We would like to ask that you submit or update your information below so that we can maintain a database of all of our MSSP Alumni. This will only be used for office/campus purposes.


Our goal is to keep better track of where our Alumni are in order to keep you updated on our events, programs and office changes/updates. For years, we have often been asked if we will ever have an MSSP Reunion. Well, our hope is that we can begin an annual tradition of doing just that! We currently maintain an Alumni List Serve, and if you indicate that you would like us to add your e-mail to the list serve, you can have quick updates via e-mail as well as receive our quarterly newsletters.

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How to Give:

Thank you in advance for your donation! Your donation contributes to cultural events hosted by the Multicultural Student Services and Programs office. For more information on how to donate please click here. For the donor form, please click here.


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