Once Visiting Scholars arrive at Western Oregon University (WOU), they must check-in with Ermie Buncal and schedule an orientation session.

Orientation is a very important aspect of the Visiting Scholars Program as it gives Visiting Scholars information regarding immigration regulations, campus and community resources. They also learn of everyone’s responsibilities regarding the Visiting Scholars Program including those of the Office of International Education and Development and the Visiting Scholar(s)’ department(s).

There are three sections to the visiting scholars orientation:

1. Office of International Education and Development: Visiting Scholars will meet with Ermie Buncal and go over the following:

Visiting scholars will also fill out a registration form as well as an off-campus employment contract.

2. Human Resources: Visiting Scholars will meet with human resources to get their Faculty/Staff ID card and email access.

3. Hamersley Library: Visiting Scholars will meet with a librarian and learn how to access online databases and how to best utilize the library for their research.

Once orientation is over, Ermie Buncal will contact each visiting scholar’s faculty mentor to schedule an initial meeting if the visiting scholar hasn’t already done so.





International Office

(503) 838-8425 | or e-mail: global@wou.edu  | Location: Maaske Hall 106