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Effective communication, storytelling, and advocacy skills are in high demand. A degree in Communication Studies will help you develop these skills and prepare you for jobs in fields such as health communication, social services, government and politics, human resources, nonprofit management, leadership, public advocacy, public relations, event planning, and social media campaigns.

Welcome to Communication Studies

WOU’s Communication Studies program prepares students to excel in a wide range of industries, including work in digital media, public relations, health and science communication, and political advocacy.  

We pair classes in foundational communication theories with opportunities for hands on learning. Our theoretical courses build understanding of effective communication strategies among diverse populations. Our skills-oriented classes offer opportunities to work with on-campus departments and local businesses, and our recently revamped internship program gives students the chance to earn college credit while undertaking resume-building experiences that will be valuable to future employers. 

Our major offers students the flexibility to select courses that fit their interests and goals while also exposing them to three key communication areas: foundational skills, message construction, and message analysis. Students work with knowledgeable and caring faculty advisors to create a course plan that works for them. Good advising is one of our department’s core values, so you can expect our faculty to make themselves available for one-on-one discussions throughout the year. 

Our faculty members are also active scholars, publishing award-winning research in a variety of subjects. Many of our faculty members also put their research into practice by creating documentary films, digital platforms, community events, and political advocacy in their areas of specialty. 


Our Program

Major or Minor in Communication Studies

The Communication Studies major and minor offers students the flexibility to choose which classes interest them and help them prepare for their career goals. Learn more about the courses we offer and what path might be best for you.


Get college credit while gaining experience

Our students are encouraged to have an internship before they graduate. Internships are a great way to gain hands on experience and build a portfolio you can use on the job market.


What can you do with a Communication Studies Degree?

A degree in Communication Studies will prepare you for a wide range of jobs after graduation. Learn more about the many paths available to our majors.

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