Humanities minor (15 credits)



Humanities majors and minors explore that unique human creation, language-not only for communication but also in culture, literary art and philosophical and religious thought.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Creatively integrate and apply perspectives from multiple Humanities disciplines to understand language, culture, literary art, and/or religious thought.
  2. Critically analyze ideas and language in several Humanities disciplines.
  3. Effectively communicate concepts studied in Humanities disciplined in writing and/or speech, adapting to meet the needs of multiple audiences.


Core Courses:

Approved upper-division hours in humanities areas; maximum 6 credits of internship.


Please contact Dr. Paula Baldwin for advising help.

Division Chair: Dr. Paula Baldwin | Email: | 503-838-8065 | Location: BELL 315



Humanities Division contact | 503-838-8408 | 345 N. Monmouth Ave. Monmouth, Oregon 97361 | BELL 313