Humanities major (75 credits)

(Required: 36 upper division credits, including HUM 450 Senior Capstone (1))


Courses in two or more of the following five areas:

(a) Communication Studies [COMM]

(b) English Studies [ENG, LING, LIT, WR]

(c) Modern Languages [FR, GL, ML, SPAN]

(d) Philosophy and Religious Studies [PHL, R]

(e) Humanities [HUM]


Core Courses:

  • At least five courses total in each of two areas
  • At least four of the five courses must be upper-division courses, for a minimum of 12 credits upper-division per block/area
  • Other humanities areas may be included in the plan in addition to the two blocks of courses
  • First-year language courses will not count in the major



Choose your advisor according to the areas your degree will focus on; if your plan includes primarily Speech Communication and Spanish, for example, ask the faculty advisor for that area for help (list found here). If you want help identifying an appropriate faculty member, see the division administrative program assistant located in HSS 313.

**For specific majors within the Humanities division, please visit the departmental webpage.


Humanities Major – Degree Checklist


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