To access WolfWeb, login to your Portal using your WOU username and password. Then click the green icon located at the top of the page labeled WolfWeb. You can also click on the icon provided to the left.


What is WolfWeb?

WolfWeb is a means for employees to view their current benefits, deductions, payroll earnings, tax forms, leave accruals, and other personnel records. It is also a way that employees can update their address, phone numbers, and preferred name. All employee information is located under the Employee Menu of WolfWeb.


[section=Benefits and Deductions]

Under the Benefits and Deductions Menu, you should find your current retirement and insurance plans that you are enrolled in, along with any other deductions that may be occurring on your pay. To alter your benefits package, please update your coverage during open enrollment in the fall. Mid-year changes are available for those who need to add or remove a member on their coverage, but employees are not eligible to add new additional plans throughout the year.


[section=Pay Information]

Under the Pay Information Menu, you are able to access your earnings statements, earnings history, and your payroll deductions history. Your Earnings Statement is where you are able to access your pay stub for each individual month. On your pay stub, you are able to view your pay, your hourly rate, your benefits, deductions, or taxes taken from your pay, and your year to date earnings. Under your Earnings History section, you are able to click to view the total cumulative pay earned from whichever working months that you prefer. Lastly, on your Pay Information Menu, you are able to view your payroll deductions summaries which show the cumulative deductions for the different deduction types (i.e. federal tax, state tax, etc.) throughout whichever working months that you prefer.


[section=Tax Forms]

Under the Tax Forms Menu, you are able to access the current exemptions and allowances on your W-4. If at any time you would like to adjust your W4, please come to Human Resources to fill out a new form. If you claim exempt on your W-4, in February of the following year you will automatically be adjusted to single and zero. If you wish to claim exempt for the next year, you will need to fill out another W-4 Form by February 10th. You will be notified of this change via email. Your W-2 statement will be made available for the prior year during February. If you have worked multiple years at Western, you will also be able to view prior W-2s.


[section=Leave Balances and History]

Under your Leave Balances and History Menu, you are able to view your sick and vacation leave accrual. If you notice a discrepancy in any of your leave accrual, please reach out to Human Resources.


[section=Leave Accrual and History]

The Leave Accrual and History Menu is set up for supervisors to be able to view their employees’ leave balances and leave taken.



Human Resources | Payroll

P: 503-838-8490 | F: 503-838-8522 | E-mail:payroll@wou.edu