Web Time Entry is an online leave and time reporting platform. This platform replaces hard-copy leave reports and timesheets with an online submission and approval process.

During the summer of 2021, Human Resources began testing Web Time Entry. After a successful test period, Web Time Entry is now being rolled out incrementally to campus by employee group. You will receive an email when it is your turn to begin using Web Time Entry. See below for the current status of your employee group. 

Employee Group E-Class Web Time Entry Status
Unclassified UF, UE, UG, UH Active
Unclassified Research UB Active
Faculty UA, UC Not Active – Planning Phase
Classified CA, CD, CE Not Active – Planning Phase
Hourly/Temp. UW, TS Not Active – Planning Phase
Students XA Not Active – Planning Phase


Instructions for Employees/Supervisors

Instructional Videos


Additional Resources

Self-Service Link

If do not have the Banner 9 Self Service button in your Portal, you may access Self-Service directly by clicking the image below. 

Submission Timing

Day of Month Task Description
25th Employees begin to submit time.  For example, time taken in November may begin to be entered in Web Time Entry on the 25th of November.
5th Deadline to submit time. Employees must submit their time for the previous month by 11:59PM on the 5th of the next month. For example, time in November must be submitted by 11:59PM on the 5th of December.
10th Deadline to approve time.  Supervisors must approve time for the previous month by 11:59PM on the 10th of the next month. For example, time taken in November must be approved by 11:59PM on the 10th of December.

Approval Queue Routing

Once you submit your time entry, it will automatically route to your supervisor for approval. If your supervisor does not receive your time entry or it is routed to the incorrect person, please let our office know.


Leave Balances/Time Record

In lieu of a hard-copy time record, you will receive an email each month outlining your current leave balances. These leave balances mirror what would have appeared on your hard-copy time record. Please use these provided leave balances when entering/submitting your time.


Common Errors & Solutions

Error Solution
Time Entry on Incorrect Month

When you click “Enter Time” in Self-Service, it will open up to the current month. For example, if I click “Enter Time” on February 5th to enter time for January, it will open up the month of February to enter time on. Be sure to navigate to the applicable month to enter time. If you enter/submit time on the incorrect month, please ask your supervisor to “Return” that time. Then complete the correct month’s time entry and submit. 

Holidays Holidays will appear labeled as you enter your time. You must still select the “Holiday” earn code and enter the hours that holiday leave was taken
Erroneous Time Entry If you accidentally submit incorrect time for approval to your supervisor, ask for your supervisor to “Return” the time back to you for correction. If your supevisor has already approved the time, please reach out to Human Resources.  

Questions, Concerns & General Feedback

Please submit any questions, concerns, or general feedback to payroll via use of this form. You may also reach out to Julie McMurry at mcmurryj@wou.edu directly.


Human Resources

P: 503-838-8490 | F: 503-838-8522 E-mail: hr@wou.edu