Payroll Documents and Deadlines

Payroll documents

The various pay documents that must be received by the Human Resources Office are:

  • Letters of Offer/Notice of Appointment
  • Any notice of a pay change, stipends, out-of-class, merit or special increase, etc.
  • Appropriate time sheet and/or leave report roster.

Late documentation may result in a late paycheck and creates liability for the University under state and federal laws governing timely pay. Any penalties due to late documentation may be charged back to the individual’s department for not turning in documents in a timely manner.

Other Payroll Documents include:

  • Request for Cash-Out of Vacation Leave for Classified Employees
  • Request for Pay in Lieu of Compensatory Time Off for Holiday Time Earned Form
  • Payroll Advance Form
  • Pay Adjustment/Overload Form

These forms can all be located on our Forms page under Current Employee Resources, Payroll Forms.

Payroll Deadlines

Time sheet and leave reports are due as reflected by the Payroll Calendar Deadlines.



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