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Fostering ConnectionsWelcome! This page is designed for our Fostering Connections liaisons as a site for continuous learning about foster care and access to useful resources for supportive adults. Please see our menu to find links to videos and articles, a list of books related to foster youth transition, the foster care system, abuse, and identity, foster bios from WOU students and national Foster Club All Stars, and state and national data and research on youth transition, higher education, resilience, permanency, and foster care in the U.S. Take a look at the Casey Foundation’s Supporting Success guides to improving higher education outcomes for foster youth, and view the Permanency Pact and see what simple services you could offer to be a big help to foster youth in our community.

If you have questions about material included here or want to learn more about anything, contact Fostering Success co-chairs Emily Plec at, or Shannon Simich at
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