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Jobs on Campus

How to Find an On-Campus or Off-Campus Job

HandshakeThere are hundreds of student jobs on campus, from health center worker to customer service to research jobs. Work hours are scheduled around students’ class schedules and provide a regular paycheck that can be used to cover tuition and fees, living expenses, transportation—whatever you want. Once you are admitted, you’ll have access to a program called WolfLink (Handshake) where all jobs are posted.

If you received work study funding as part of your financial aid package, you can find work study jobs on WolfLink. These jobs might be on or off campus, and sometimes they can be related to the career you’ll be seeking after graduation.

There’s an entire department on campus, called Service Learning and Career Development (SLCD), that can help you look for work opportunities and assist you in applying for jobs. SLCD also helps students—from freshmen to graduates and beyond—prepare for careers in the “real world.”

Top 5 Reasons to Work on Campus

Benefit from convenience
Student who work on campus can walk to their jobs, eliminating transportation costs that eat in their paychecks.

Schedule around student hours
Because employment hours are always scheduled around classes, students can meet their academic needs first while still having the opportunity to work.

Earn valuable income
It’s great to have extra income to help with the cost of books, tuition and fees. Many student workers use their paycheck to fund “extras” such as eating out or entertainment.

Gain experience for resume
In preparation for graduation, students will be building their resumes. It’s important to have something to list under the experience section to show employers you know how to be a good employee. In addition, your supervisors on campus have an active interest in helping you develop important work skills such as good communication, strong time management and a regular attendance. It is not like an off-campus job, where supervisors may only care whether you show up.

Choose from hundreds of jobs and fields
Whether you want to do landscaping, food service, office assistant, student media, video production or anything else, there likely is a job at WOU for you! You can even choose one that will teach you skills you’ll need post-graduation.

Definitions of Terms about Jobs

Student employment: There are hundreds of jobs on campus that involve doing just about any work you can think of. It’s not just filing papers or washing dishes in the dining hall. Students assist professors, work in student media (newspaper, radio station or literary journal), paint signs, help with child care, work in administrative offices, shelve books, serve as baristas and a ton of other options. Campus jobs are extremely popular for the hard-working WOU student population.

Work study: A type of funding from the federal government that helps pay the student’s wages either on or off campus. At WOU, students can apply for work using a program called Handshake. You can get help finding a job at WOU’s Service Learning and Career Development office. There are hundreds of jobs on campus that you can apply for using work study funds.

Service learning: Although students don’t get paid for service learning activities such as Alternative Break, they gain valuable life skills, volunteerism knowledge and resume-building experience. Alternative Break opportunities allow students to serve in communities far and wide for the benefit of the people being helped and the students themselves.

Career development: Services that include resume writing assistance, mock interviews, mentorship programs, internships and much more. Students can find valuable information and assistance in the career development office every year that they attend WOU, not just senior year when graduation is on the horizon.

You’ll find more details about Handshake, Alternative Break and much more on the Service Learning and Career Development website. Now, we are going to see what student life at WOU is like. Click on the Student Life link above.