Unbound: A First-Year Writing Anthology

Western Oregon University’s First-Year Writing Program publishes Unbound: A First-Year Writing Anthology, a digital collection of the exemplary work produced by students enrolled in WR 121 and WR 122 (College Writing 1 and College Writing 2). Unbound: A First-Year Writing Anthology celebrates the creative thinking, sophisticated prose, and impressive inquiry projects taken on by our students. The work in this anthology includes compositions in a range of genres and modalities, showcasing their identities as writers. 

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Volume 1

Photograph of Alex Decknadel

Projecting Into the World of Dungeons and Dragons

Winner of Outstanding Essay Award

Author: Alex Decknadel

Course: WR 122

Instructor: Samantha Morgan

AbstractProjecting into the World of Dungeons and Dragons is an argument about the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) as a discourse community and how players of D&D project themselves as characters within an imaginative setting shared by the players. Through the D&D sessions I participated in and articles I’ve read, I discovered that players have to interact with one another to project themselves as their characters.

Keywords: Dungeons and Dragons, Lexis, Character Interactions, Identity, Performance, Discourse Community

Photograph of Bo Moskal

How “Big A Little A” Alludes to Britain’s Instability During the 1980’s

Winner of Outstanding Essay Award

Author: Bo Moskal

Course: WR 121

Instructor: Wesley Snyder

Abstract: A brief look into how social and political unrest created a boom in punk rock’s popularity in Britain. This essay is a rhetorical analysis of  “Big A Little A” by British punk rock band Crass and how it is relevant to the climate of the 1980’s.

KeywordsRhetorical Analysis, Historical Context, Punk Rock, Rhetorical Situation

Photograph of Jenifer Webb

Barista Lexicon and Its Effects on Customer Interactions

Winner of Outstanding Essay Award

Author: Jenifer Webb

Course: WR 122

Instructor: Dr. Leigh Graziano

Abstract: Through the use of both primary and secondary research, this essay addresses the major ways in which barista lexicon influences customer interactions. The results conclude that barista lexicon influences customer interactions by creating a barrier between the two, enhancing customer experience, and by providing a learning experience.

Keywords: Lexis, Workplace Literacy, Barista, Customer Interactions, Discourse Community

Photograph of Alayna Gilliland

Immigration Reform: The Influence of Nativism in Political Rhetoric and its Impact on Immigration Policy-Making

Winner of Best Willamette Promise Essay

Author: Alayna Gilliland

Course: WR 122

Instructor: Kari Bloomquist

Abstract: Examines the political rhetoric surrounding the President’s “Build the Wall” campaign, the effectiveness of the wall in solving southern immigration concerns, and the negative impact the campaign’s rhetoric has on attitudes towards Latinx communities in the United States

Keywords: Political Rhetoric, Nativism, Immigration, Rhetorical Analysis

Photograph of Brandi Grunberg

Smartphone Effects on Literacy and Language

Author: Brandi Grunberg

Course: WR 121

Instructor: Dr. Casie Moreland

AbstractThis text analyzes how the development of phones over the course of their existence have influenced language and literacy. The convenience, efficiency, and mobility of phones are addressed in the ways in which they have connected people, created a global community, and increased proficiency with the tools people through which people are exercising literacy.

Keywords: Technology, Smartphones, Literacy, Community

Photograph of Jenni Kannier

The Let’er Buck Spirit

Author: Jenni Kannier

Course: WR 122

Instructor: Dr. Leigh Graziano

Abstract: Examines the significance of code switching when speaking to consumers versus coworkers in a retail setting. This essay analyzes the impact of body language, tone of voice, and establishing authority and illustrates the influence different lexises may have on consumers.

Keywords: Code Switching, Retail, Authority, Nonverbal Communication, Lexis, Workplace Relationships, Discourse Community

Photograph of Fengqi Li

Genres Keep a Law Firm Moving Forward

Author: Fengqi Li

Course: WR 122

Instructor: Dr. Leigh Graziano

Abstract: An analysis of the main genres used by a law firm in China. This essay examines the work those genres perform and their relationships with each other.

KeywordsGenre, Genre Analysis, Law firm, Workplace Efficiency, Discourse Community

Photograph Gracie Mieves

Je Ne Sais…Meh

Author: Gracie Meives

Course: WR 121

Instructor: William “Matt” Haas

Abstract: This narrative shares the writer’s personal adventure with literacy. It covers her struggles and successes with reading and writing, and reflects on the significance of her literacy journey and the change she experienced from her own perseverance.

KeywordsLiteracy Narrative, Literacy Sponsors 




Unbound: A First-Year Writing Anthology

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