(Beginning 2017-18)

Concentrations are an opportunity for students to specialize within the business major, and to have that specialization designated on their WOU transcript. A concentration must be designated by the student prior to applying for graduation with the Registrar’s office.

The upper division electives area within the business major is made up of 24 upper division (300 or 400 level) credits, to be taken in the areas of business, economics, or entrepreneurship. The concentration allows for a student to direct some or all of these elective credits toward a specialization, or area within business.

A concentration is not required, but the completion of the 24 upper division elective credits is required. If a student chooses to complete a concentration, some or all of these upper division credits will be dictated by the choice of concentration, as follows:


ACCOUNTING Concentration (24 credits):

BA 317 Intermediate Accounting I (4)

BA 318 Intermediate Accounting II (4)

BA 319 Intermediate Accounting III (4)

BA 431 Federal Income Tax I (4)

BA 451 Auditing (4)

Either BA 421 Cost Accounting OR BA 432 Federal Income Tax II (4)


FINANCE Concentration (at least 12 credits from these courses):

BA 316 Advanced Financial Management (3)

BA 340Q Business Forecasting (4)

BA 420 Securities Analysis (3)

BA 424 Capital Budgeting (3)

BA 427 Small Business Finance (3)

BA 438 Real Estate Investment (3)

BA 478 Topics in Finance (topic changes, can retake with a new topic) (3)

BA 485 International Finance (3)


INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Concentration (at least 12 credits from these courses):

BA 484 International Management (3)

BA 485 International Finance (3)

BA 486 International Marketing (3)

BA 487 International Law (3)

EC 440 International Trade (4)

EC 441 International Monetary Economics (4)


MANAGEMENT Concentration (at least 12 credits from these courses):

BA 391 Human Resource Management (3)

BA 392 Management of Diversity (3)

BA 474 Business Leadership (3)

BA 484 International Management (3)

BA 492 Total Quality Management (3)

BA 495 Organization Design (3)

ENT 330 Planning & Creating New Ventures (3)

ENT 350 Small Business Management (3)


MARKETING Concentration (at least 12 credits from these courses):

BA 311 Personal Selling (3)

BA 410 Marketing Research (3)

BA 412 New Product Development (3)

BA 414 Sports Marketing (3)

BA 415 Advertising & Promotion (3)

BA 477 Topics in Marketing (topic changes-can retake with new topic) (3)

BA 486 International Marketing (3)


PLEASE NOTE:  Regardless of which concentration is sought, if any, all business majors are required to complete the total 24 credits of upper division electives in business, economics, and/or entrepreneurship.









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