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WOU Writing Center: We’re in the business of looking at your papers before your professors do.
The Writing Center is the only academic support unit on campus specifically designed to promote your development and success as a college writer. The consultant team is available to assist you in person and online with writing projects for any course and any level of instruction. The Writing Center also offers specialized assistance for multimodal compositions or new media projects like digital narratives, blogs, websites, slideware presentations, and even YouTube videos.

You are invited to utilize Writing Center services at a variety of stages in your writing processes: understanding assignment directions; brainstorming ideas; creating “maps” or outlines; checking to see that your project specifically meets the directions specified by your instructor; exploring practical routes for revision and development; and adhering to format and style guides (e.g., AAA, APA, APSA, CBE, Chicago, and MLA). While tutors avoid “fixing” your writing, they do help you become conscious of, and proactive about, particular error patterns that emerge in your written work. Additionally, the Writing Center maintains a library of reference texts and take-home handouts.