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Tutor Resources

This is a landing page for our tutors to find quick links to frequently-used resources. If you are a tutor, we would encourage you to open this page first if you have a question during your session. If you are a student curious about our resources, feel free to peruse through this page or ask our tutors about a resource you see! 

Find a citation resource 

Citation Tutorial & Resource Page – We have a page on our site with a number of citation resources to students’ questions. We have user-friendly handouts for APA, MLA, Chicago, and other common citation styles. Additionally, we have links to other helpful resources on campus. This is a good first step when helping with a citation question. 

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) – Purdue OWL is an up-to-date resource with lots of wonderful examples on how to follow common citation guides. 

WOU Library Citation Guides – WOU Library also has wonderful and in-depth resources for following the common citation guides used at our university. You can find links to sample papers here, too.

APA Blog – Do you have a specific APA-citation question? Check out the blog for a quick answer. 

Refer a student to one of our writing specialists

Daniel’s Appointment page: for international or graduate students who want to schedule an appointment with Daniel. Appointments are 1-hour long.

Rosario’s Appointment page: for Spanish-speaking or graduate students who want to schedule an appointment with Rosario. Appointments are 1-hour long. 

Morgan’s Appointment page: for graduate students who want to schedule an appointment with Morgan. Appointments are 1-hour long. 

Resources for Online Learning

WOU Remote Learning Page

This page is an all-around resource hub for WOU students working remotely this term. If students need to find resources to support them this term, this is a great starting place. 

MS Office Suite Remote Access

All WOU students, staff, and faculty are eligible to access MS Office Suite for free. Follow the above link to sign up. 

Refer a student to one of our fantastic team members

Behavioral Sciences
Maria (Psychology)
Morgan (Psychology)
Sean V. (Psychology)

Business & Economics
Luis (Business)

Creative Arts
 (Communication Design)

Education & Leadership
 (Special Education)
Maddie H. (Education, ESOL)
Maddie R. (Education, ESOL)

Criminal Justice
Morgan (Criminal Justice)


Deaf & Professional Studies
Dixie (Rehab Counseling)
Maria (ASL Interpreting)

Maddie H. (Writing, Ling)
Nova (Literature, Writing)
Sean T. (Writing, Literature)
Suzyn (Writing, Philosophy, Linguistics)
Tarrah (Language Arts, Writing)

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Sean V. (Biology)
Summer (Biology, Zoology)

Social Science
Dixie (Sociology)
Luis (Sociology)

Creative Writing
Maddie H.

Multilingual Tutors
Luis (fluent in Spanish)
Maria (fluent in ASL & Spanish)

APA Experts
Maddie H.

MLA Experts
Maddie H.
Sean T.

Refer a student to another campus tutoring center 

WOU Free Tutoring Page: WOU offers a host of different free tutoring services across campus. This is a link to the free tutoring landing page with links to all the free tutoring centers across campus.

Course-Specific Tutoring Center: While we help with all things writing, we don’t help students with content-specific questions, and if students ask you for help with those types of questions (e.g., checking the reading to make sure they summarized correctly, asking you about a concept from a particular class), refer them to a class-

English Tutoring Center: We love helping international students with their writing, but we aren’t qualified to help them with all their linguistic questions. If international students need support in pronunciation, spelling, grammar, reading, or listening, refer them to the English Tutoring Center, where tutors are trained in linguistics and can provide specialized support. 

Computer Science Tutoring Center: If students need help with complex MS Office questions like creating complex tables and charts in Excel, refer them to the Computer Science Tutoring Center. We can help students make tweaks and comment on the rhetorical effectiveness of different charts, but our tutors are not all trained in this, and it is important to refer to the CS student tutors, who specialize in this area. 

Employment Resources

Zoom Resources

Zoom login page – You can sign into your Zoom account here and find your meeting link, change your password, or update settings. Remember to log in with your (not credentials to connect to your pro account.

Zoom tutorials & help center – If you forget how to share your screen or need to figure out how to change one of your settings, check out this page!

WhenIWork Resources

WhenIWork login page – Remember to log into your WhenIWork account at each shift to clock in, see your shift, and cover or request time off. 

WhenIWork tutorials & help center – If you forget how to request sick time, drop a shift, or view your timesheet, find a tutorial here! 

When a student needs support beyond the writing

Sometimes, students are experiencing anxiety or frustration, either because of their writing or other things going on in their lives. These challenges can interfere with your ability to serve them effectively as a tutor, and it is important to recognize when a student might benefit from additional support on campus. If you are working with a student you think could benefit from learning about campus support resources, consider guiding them to one of these pages:


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