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Revising and Editing

Since papers involved in graduate programs are typically extensive (e.g., portfolios and thesis projects), the Writing Center offers long-term tutoring to assist with revising and editing. We cannot, however, make recommendations for outside professional editing services, since we are unable to monitor the quality of external sources.

Graduate Tutoring Appointments

The Writing Center offers tutoring throughout the entire writing process. We encourage you to make multiple appointments with the same tutor on a weekly or biweekly basis, in order to get the best service and advice possible.

Tutoring appointments are free and can be either 30 or 60 minutes long. Our tutoring appointments can be either face to face or online, depending on your needs. Sessions are focused on your concerns and are intended to help you grow in your writing abilities.

To learn how to make an appointment click here, call us at 503.838.8286, or visit us in APSC 301. Note that graduate students should make appointments using our new graduate scheduler. See the video below for more information.

Graduate Assistant

Beginning in Winter 2019, the Writing Center has a new Graduate Assistant. This position was created to serve graduate students and faculty. Feel free to watch the short video below to get to know our Graduate Assistant, Maddie, and learn how to schedule an appointment with her on the new graduate scheduler:

Please note that you can always request appointments for time slots not listed on the scheduler. Emails will be responded to within 24 hours; however, we ask that you email at least three days before your desired appointment to ensure that something can be scheduled. Learn more about the Graduate Assistant position.

Introduce Your Professors to the Writing Center

Classroom Workshops

The Writing Center facilitates in-class spotlight workshops to help students become successful writers while collaborating and participating in their own learning. We come into your class and demonstrate what our face-to-face tutoring appointments can do for you. In this manner, everyone in the class gains an understanding of how they can become better writers while also gaining a perspective on how to talk about writing.

The “Golden Tickets”

At the end of tutoring appointments, we offer you a gold-colored confirmation slip that serves as proof of your Writing Center appointment. Students often choose to attach these slips to their final papers as evidence of their investment in professors’ assignments.