Turn your Facebook network into a study group

Hoot.me iconHoot.me is an app that allows for study groups and other project collaboration within Facebook. Your collaboration can be private and shared only with specific friends, or it can be open to others at WOU or worldwide also working on your subject. (You don’t have to be Facebook friends to collaborate on Hoot.) Hoot.me’s chat has the special characters necessary for calculus, chemistry, and more.

Accessing the Terminal Server

You can access your H, P, and K drives as well as specialized programs such as Photoshop, Geometer’s Sketchpad, Dreamweaver, and more from off campus! rdc_programs.jpg

PC Users:
Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection.
If you are using Windows XP, you may need to go into Communications within Accessories to locate the program. Once the program has started, use the steps for everyone (below) to connect to WOU’s terminal servers.

Mac users:
You may need to download the free Remote Desktop Connection software from Mactopia
(the download link is at the bottom of that page). Once it is installed, locate Remote Desktop Connection in the
Applications Folder and double click on it. Once the program has started, use the steps for everyone (below) to connect to WOU’s terminal servers.


  1. In the Remote Desktop Connection window, in the “Computer:” field, type:
  2. Click Connect. You may get a message asking if you trust
    the connection. That is normal, go ahead and click on Connect.
  3. In the Log On to Windows box, type in your paw print user name and
    and change the domain to MASH. Then click
  4. When you are done, end your session by clicking on Start then Shut Down
    in your Remote Desktop Connection window.
  5. In the Shut Down Windows dialog box, select Log Off, and then click OK.

Need to access your USB drive or printer while using Remote Desktop? Use these instructions.

Save paper by printing double-sided

paper_stack.jpgTo do this on most campus printers:
1. Select File –> Print from your document
2. Choose the printer (e.g., \krustyLab-HLRef)
3. Click the Properties button.
4. On the Paper/Output tab, find in the 2-Sided Printing dropdown menu and select “2-sided print.
5. Click the OK buttons for the two windows.

Want to be even more efficient? Print 2, 4, or more pages per side on each sheet of paper!
Under Properties, go to the Layout/Watermark tab. Select the number of pages to appear on each side, and select Portrait or Landscape orientation.

Following these simple steps saves a massive amount of resources!