Custom menu items

Styles to use in the custom menu fields

<span class="menu-header-gray">BoldGrayMenuHeader</span>

<span class="menu-header-gray-lt">LightGrayMenuHeader</span>

<span class="menu-header-red-lt">RedMenuHeader</span>

<span class="menu-header-gray-lt"><a href="#">LightGrayMenuHeaderWithLink</a></span>


<hr> (will get you a line that you can put ontop and below the headers)

<hr style="margin-bottom:-20px;"> (will give a good line for under a heading with a list of items to fall under it)


Add a Custom Content item from the UberMenu Advanced Items.

menu screenshot

Hover over the Custom Content item and click on the Uber settings button that appears.

menu screenshot

Copy and paste the different <span> style you would like from above and then change out the text to be what you would like to appear. You can add a link by putting a <a href=”YOUR LINK HERE”>YOUR LINK TEXT HERE</a> in-between the <span> tags.

Then click the Save Menu Item button.

menu screenshot

Click the Save Menu button and then go check the live site to make sure it appears how you were hoping.

menu screenshot