Wonderful Western

Written by:Jude Bokovoy

There are many things for Western students to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season. To practice gratitude, reflect on what there is to be thankful for here at Western. 

Education — Many people don’t have the opportunity to get a higher education. Being a student at a university is such a blessing, let alone a college as great as Western. There are a variety of majors and minors to choose from and there are always opportunities to experiment with extracurriculars. What makes Western unique when it comes to higher education, is their outstanding Teaching and American Sign Language programs. The teaching program ranks fourth in the nation, with American Sign Language following closely behind as seventh.

Resources — There are so many resources available to Western students. Whether it’s counseling, advising, healthcare or housing, Western has one covered. There are also amazing non-academic resources such as Western’s Food Pantry and the Stitch Closet.

Campus — Western’s campus is filled with activities to keep students engaged. There are a wide number of clubs and organizations, coed sports, fitness classes, games and campus activities year round. 

Experience fall — Western provides a unique experience in autumn. Students get to watch the leaves change colors, feel the weather cool and see sunsets much earlier in the day. 

Welcoming town — The beautiful town of Monmouth gives students the feeling of home with its plethora of family owned businesses. Many restaurants are within walking distance of the campus, giving students the opportunity to try something new while supporting the community. 

Location — Monmouth is the perfect place for students who like to travel — being that it is only an hour away from Portland, 45 minutes away from multiple beaches, 30 minutes away from Corvallis, 20 minutes away from Salem and only 15 minutes away from Dallas. Each of these places are different from each other and are full of restaurants, businesses, activities and beautiful sceneries. 

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