Staffs favorite movies

Written by: Sierra Porter | Staff Writer

“The Western Howl” staff is filled with crazy cool personalities, a variety of talents and a plethora of different hobbies and passions. One thing is for sure: we are all movie fanatics and live vicariously through the characters we love. Here are the staff’s favorite movies and why we continue to enjoy them. 

Editor in Chief, Gretchen Sims, expresses her love for the movie “Braveheart.” Sims says, “I actually learned how to play the main theme ‘For the Love of a Princess’ from Braveheart early on in high school. I fell in love with the score and convinced my parents to let me watch it. My mom isn’t one for gore, but I loved the film and it is now one of my all-time favorites!” 

Linden Loren, coordinator, advising & virtual engagement, dubbed the “dad” of the Howl, recommends “LinkedIn: The Movie.” All one needs is a LinkedIn account and some salt to snack on — truly inspiring. 

The Howl’s Digital Media Manager, Ruth Simonsen’s, favorite movie is “Predestination,” a sci-fi thriller released in 2014. Simonsen says, “This movie made me rethink my life and everything I believed in. It brought to light how frail yet beautiful humanity is, and how one truly needs to make the most of it while one has it. Trust oneself and always grow, but give oneself the grace to recognize that one is a completely different person in every phase of your life, never to be the same person twice.” 

Cami Ansley, Copy Editor, deems “Crazy Rich Asians” as her favorite movie. Ansley says, “This movie was really relatable to me as an Asian American and the ending was so perfect and satisfying to watch. It was also nice to see an all Asian cast with actors and actresses that I’d never seen before.”

Head Designer Addie Floyd’s favorite movie is “Tangled,” based on the timeless story of Rapunzel and her long hair. Floyd expressed, “This movie is my comfort movie. It just brings me so much joy. No matter the mood I’m in, Tangled can always cheer me up.” 

Our other amazing Designer, Sophie Taylor, says her movie favorite is “Coraline,” released in 2009. Taylor says, “Coraline” is one of the earliest movies I ever remember watching. Ever since I was little, the claymation animation style has always captured my attention. There are so many subtle hints and clues that foreshadow the movie that every time I watch it, I find something new. There have been so many conspiracy theories and rabbit holes to go down. Keep Portland weird.” 

Photo Editor Quinlan Elise has a short and sweet response on why she loves “Napoleon Dynamite:” “there is no other choice.” 

Hannah Field, the Howl’s News Editor’s favorite movie is “Fox and The Hound.” Field recalls some of her favorite memories with the film, “I can remember watching this movie on VHS tape in the garage while my dad worked on his cars. I would sit on a stool or a tiny chair with my neck craned upward at a 120 degree angle looking at that tiny box TV playing my favorite movie. I think it’s an underrated but beautiful piece of work and hope everyone has the pleasure of watching it one day.”

Claire Phillips, our Entertainment Editor’s movie of choice is “Fried Green Tomatoes,” released in 1991. Phillips says, “This historical classic takes on many heavy topics that are still relevant today. It will make one cry, it will make one laugh and above all, it will make one crave some good Southern food.” 

Sports Editor, Jaylin Hardin, says her favorite movie is “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.” Hardin expressed, “I’ve loved the trilogy since I was a kid, but ‘The Two Towers’ was always my favorite because I love the plot. Extended edition just makes it so much better because it adds so many more details from the books.” 

Creative Lifestyle Editor, Liberty Miller expresses her love for “The Sorcerers Apprentice,” released in 2010. Miller says, “This movie was one of the more psychologically formative movies of my younger years. Nicholas Cage and Jay Baruchel create a seamless duo performance and take on their roles to the point where they become their character. The storyline was intriguing and the pace of the movie created the perfect elements of suspense — the soundtrack was also incredible, with ‘Secrets’ by OneRepublic still being one of my all-time favorite songs. My favorite scene from the movie included that song being played while the Tesla Coils are run by David Stutler.” Miller also gives a special shout-out to “Crazy Rich Asians” as a close second. 

Taylor Duff, one of our great Staff Writers, chose the movie “SuperBad,” released in 2007, as her movie favorite. Duff said, “I love this comedy that explores growing up and learning to just be oneself. Plus I still crack up every time I watch. Viewer discretion is advised.” 

Talented Freelancer Lili Minato expresses her love for “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.” Minato says, “At its release, ‘Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me’ was considered a bad prequel to its beloved predecessor, ‘Twin Peaks.’ Now, it has a cult following of many who enjoy the story of Laura Palmer. It’s a film full of bizarre scenes and a devastating plotline. In true David Lynch fashion, it is weird and wonderful.” 

As for myself, my favorite movie is “The Karate Kid,” released in 1984. There are so many reasons why this is my favorite movie but long story short, I love an underdog story. Not to mention the amazing soundtrack. 

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