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The truth behind children’s television

Written by: Taylor Duff | Staff Writer

Content warning: this article discusses sexual assault, child abuse, racism and toxic workplace environments.   

Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV” is a new 5-episode docuseries released to the streaming service Max, that discusses the trauma and horrors inflicted behind the scenes of some of the most beloved 90s and early 2000s Nickelodeon shows. These shows include  “All That,” “The Amanda Show,” “Zoey 101,” “Drake and Josh” and “iCarly.” 

What all of these familiar titles have in common is the showrunner, Dan Schneider. Schneider is responsible for making many children laugh, but also for causing trauma to multiple young cast members. The series talks about Schneider’s verbal abuse on the sets of his shows and his use of many inappropriate euphemisms during production. In “Quiet on Set,” many child actors recount their trauma and abuse while working for Schneider and Nickelodeon. 

Leon Frierson, a cast member of “All That,” talks about his trauma of portraying a character named Nose Boy who had a skin-tight costume with suggestive male body parts as design. Frierson remarks about his treatment being one of the few African Americans on the set as well as Bryan Christopher Hearne who played various characters during his time on “All That”. Hearne had a similar experience and was mocked for his skin color and appearance while doing costume designs and makeup. 

Schneider ignored labor laws and urged the child actors to work rigorous hours. Those who have worked alongside Schneider have expressed how harsh and demanding he was — especially from the women he hired. Two female writers, Christy Stratton and Jenny Kilgen, recount Schneider illegally making the women split a salary, as well as pressuring the women into performing acts including screaming profanities, giving Schneider massages and performing sexual reenactments in front of him and others.       

Most shocking within the docuseries were the three different child predators hired by Schneider and Nickelodeon. These men were hired to help coach or even mentor the children on set. Most notable is the case of actor, producer and dialogue coach Brian Peck during his time working on “All That.” Peck was charged with many accounts of sexual abuse towards Drake Bell, a child actor who was well known for his starring role in “Drake and Josh,” but also made appearances on “All That” and “The Amanda Show.” Bell was 15 when these events occurred, and in August 2003, Peck was arrested. Peck was charged with 11 counts of lewd acts towards a minor. Peck served just 16 months in prison and was ordered to register as a sex offender. This is the first time Bell has spoken about his abuse and trauma — as a result of Peck’s identity and charges were made public. A new episode of “Quiet on Set” was released on April 7, 2024, and continues to unveil the story behind the scenes of Nickelodeon and Schneider.   

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Written by: Ruth Simonsen | Digital Media Manager

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Cult classic baby returns

Written by: Lili Minato | Freelancer

Black and white scenes, an atmospheric droning soundtrack and beautifully intriguing cinematic designs make the 1977 David Lynch film, “Eraserhead,” an instant classic for those interested in arthouse films, and, throughout the years, the movie has gained a cult following of Lynchian fans.

Recently, the fan focus has shifted towards the unusual premature baby that plays a main role in the film. The infant, who is usually referred to as “Eraserhead Baby,” but was also lovingly nicknamed “Spike” by the cast and crew of the film, has begun to capture the attention of many younger film buffs.

The baby’s abnormal appearance — which was inspired by a calf fetus — and his distressing storyline have restructured the hearts of many. These young adults have taken to social media to share their appreciation and maternal instincts for the newly born baby boy. 

A multitude of videos, posts and art — all in honor of the Eraserhead baby — have been shared across platforms such as TikTok and Tumblr. Some of the content includes users yearning to be the baby’s mother, while others question the love that people have for such a monstrous infant.

In some drawings and photo edits that were posted, the baby can be seen interacting with famous characters from other fictional shows and movies — such as Fox Mulder from “The X-Files,” or Finn the Human from “Adventure Time.” 

The unconditional love and admiration for the Eraserhead baby represents a wonderful example of the infatuation with the strange and unusual, as well as the fondness and empathy for the underdog character. 

While watching “Eraserhead,” one may feel disgusted and repulsed by the subject matter, but to others, the film — and the baby — may have a larger impact. 

One may see themselves in the baby: just a small, weak entity that rarely receives love and compassion. Others may find themselves wanting to take care of the infant, to give it life and meaning. 

The beauty of “Eraserhead,” is that it has an unknown message. The film is up for the viewer’s interpretation. An audience member may see themselves in the movie, while another may not. The film camouflages into different meanings depending on who’s watching it — this phenomenon also occurs with the Eraserhead baby himself. The baby is up for interpretation just as the movie is, which makes him so accessible to fans. He is a mysterious and intriguing character, which allows for “Eraserhead” fans to latch on and become easily attached to him. He could be a malevolent figure or a sweet and innocent one.

Either way, the Eraserhead baby has infatuated viewers. Whether it be from the introspective interpretations of the infant or if it’s just his silly look and demeanor, the film — and the baby — will continue to have a cult following for years to come. 

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Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson lean on each other in the final episode of “The Bachelor”

Written by: Claire Phillips | Entertainment Editor

On March 25, 2002, reality television received a new addition through a now popular franchise known as “The Bachelor.” The “Bachelor” family has continued to expand over the past 22 years with a unique variety of contestants, including 72 year old Gerry Turner, the first Golden Bachelor.

“The Bachelor” is also known for its plethora of drama, from both men and women alike. A lot of this tension is perpetuated by producers, as the rivalry between contestants brings in views.

Devoted “Bachelor” fanatics nationwide were thrilled when Joey Graziadei was announced as the leading man of season 28 after Charity Lawson’s season of “The Bachelorette.” A tennis pro from Hawai’i, Graziadei captured the hearts of many for his emotional intelligence and kindness. Good looks are always a primary factor in the reality series as well, and Graziadei was not an exception.

Contestants Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson were fan favorites from the start of the season. Kent opened up to Graziadei, sharing her experience being Deaf and receiving a cochlear implant. Similarly, Anderson did not shy away from telling Graziadei about her mother’s passing. The two women, though having separate relationships with the same man, formed a close friendship throughout the season.

Producers of “The Bachelor” created a suspenseful scene involving Kent in distress, hurrying down a hotel hallway to knock on a mysterious someone’s door. Audiences assumed she was going to confront Graziadei and were surprised when Anderson opened the door. The two women confided in each other about their relationships with Graziadei. More amazingly, Kent and Anderson arrived at the ceremony together, rather than traveling in separate vehicles, supporting each other through to the very end.

Before Graziadei could tell Kent he wasn’t going to propose to her, Kent beat him to it — she had recognized Graziadei’s withdrawal from their relationship over the past week and realized she wasn’t the one. 

As Kent came to terms with the ending of her and Graziadei’s relationship, she said: “If I can love the wrong person this much, imagine how much I can love the right person” — an impactful statement that left audiences reflecting.

Kent did not stop delivering introspective statements even to the end of the final episode. “(Kelsey and I) always had deeper conversations… it was from a friendship perspective that I talked to her… it was the last bit of confirmation I needed to know that she was happy so I could step aside and let two people be happy who really deserved each other,” Kent said. 

“I think a lot of people think it’s a competition, but it’s not,” Anderson added, as the two women sat close together on stage.

Though many were rooting for Kent to be the next Bachelorette, she spoke up for herself and admitted she wasn’t ready to date again after Graziadei’s season. During “After the Final Rose,” it was revealed Jenn Tran would rejoin “The Bachelor” family as the first Asian-American Bachelorette. It seems that each season of “The Bachelor” will truly live up to their catchphrase of “the most dramatic season yet,” while continuing to develop in positive ways.

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Spring Awakening

Written by: Claire Phillips | Entertainment Editor

Content warning: this article contains spoilers

Written in 1891 and adapted to Broadway as a rock musical in 2006, “Spring Awakening” is a story that is still relevant today. The musical goes back and forth between modern alternative rock and themes from the 19th century. The WOU Theatre Department took on this multidimensional musical and worked to create something special with it.

Every single show was ASL interpreted. There was a reason for this — the interpreters interacted with the actors, adding a unique dynamic to the production. Parts of the songs were signed by the actors themselves, which gave the story more depth and emotion, as well as accessibility.

“Spring Awakening” is not a story to be taken lightly. Topics such as suicide, sex and abortion can make the play uncomfortable for some, but it is still a crucial story to tell. Today, the main themes of the musical continue to resonate with audiences.

Jacob Fritts and Kelsey Wallace brought maximum energy to the stage as Melchior and Wendla. They captured the audience’s attention both together and apart. The dynamics of each character made the story intriguing and relatable.

Moritz, a tormented young man, was played by Frank Kern, a second-year at Western. “Spring Awakening is themed heavily around how we raise our kids today, how we teach and support them… I feel it is important to recognize the impact that my performance might have on the audience, particularly my peers… audience members see the character of Moritz through the lens of me, a transgender actor, which inherently added a level of delicacy to how I approached my portrayal of his journey,” Kern said. There wasn’t a single dry eye in the audience when Moritz passed away.

Maddux Gillett, a sophomore who played Georg, a classmate of Mortiz and piano player, said, “…Georg’s solo in ‘Touch Me’ is near and dear to my heart… it is so freeing to own the song and share that with the audience.” Gillett’s energy lit up all of Rice Auditorium. 

Lexy Bolsinger, a senior at Western and “Spring Awakening’s” assistant director and fight choreographer, said, “My favorite part was bringing Hanschen and Ernst’s story to life. As a queer person, it is an honor to share all aspects of sex education. It was beautiful to hear audience members walking out feeling seen.”

All the cast and crew worked hard to make sure every detail was in place. Whether it was intimacy, fights or dance, each choreographed move was intentional. Each song and line was clearly rehearsed many times over. The WOU Theatre Department has once again impressed audiences with its talent and will continue to do so in the future.

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The rise of physical media

Written by: Lili Minato | Freelancer

In 2023, Best Buy announced that they were going to stop selling DVDs in 2024. DVD sales have also been declining for the past 16 years, but with the rise of fan culture, especially on social media, DVDs and other forms of physical media have the chance to make a comeback.

Social media has allowed people from around the world to build connections with one another, especially when it comes to the shared love of media like film and music. Within these communities, there is a presence of commercialism. Artists make merchandise to sell to adoring fans, and people post about their purchases such as the discovery of new or vintage items relating to the media. It’s a large part of the culture. 

The urge to buy merchandise from favorite artists allows businesses like The Criterion Collection to rise in sales. Criterion is a company that makes special editions of classic and contemporary films. They sell DVDs with new covers and designs; their DVDs usually house exclusive commentary, merchandise and scenes from the director, which is a big selling point for fans. 

Even with new companies like Criterion, the purchasing of brand-new DVDs is still on the decline; this may be because many fans are giving thrifted and vintage DVDs a new life. The more obscure the merchandise is, the better it is for enthusiastic devotees. It is also very cost-effective, considering many DVDs only cost a couple of dollars at a thrift store.

Still, some may find the purchasing of DVDs to be a waste of money because of the accessibility of movies through streaming services. For many others though, the ability to own their favorite movie heavily outweighs being able to easily watch it through Netflix. 

In contrast to the steady decrease in DVD sales, vinyl sales have been rapidly increasing. In 2023, Americans purchased 49 million vinyl records, which is 14 percent more compared to previous years. Vinyls have also outsold CDs consecutively in the past three years. Fans and social media have contributed to this increase. Exclusive vinyls with limited merchandise inside have enthralled followers of popular musicians. 

Taylor Swift sold the most vinyl albums in 2023. Swift’s fan base has been known to have an obsession with merchandise, official or not, and with the combination of that and Swift selling many limited edition CDs and vinyl that included many treasures inside — such as photos and posters — there’s no debating why Swift conquered the charts in that category. 

Physical media will most likely never regain its position above streaming services, but for fans of popular and alternative media alike, personalized ownership will always win over the convenience and availability of streaming platforms.

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It’s a smash

Written by: Sophie Taylor | Designer

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