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Western Brings the Heat

Written by: Nicholas Sarysz

The Greater Northwest Athletic Conference Championship Track & Field meet was hosted this month at McArthur Field, May 12 and 13. Western’s women’s track team came into the meet ranked third in the conference, while the men ranked second. Both teams are also the reigning GNAC Indoor championships from February of this year.

The combined-events championship was held the week prior, where the heptathlon and decathlon athletes competed at Northwest Nazarene University. There, senior Jenelle Hurley claimed her first GNAC heptathlon title. She took first in the high jump and long jump while taking third in the 200 and 800-meter dash. Previously, Hurley had won two indoor pentathlons, was named 2022 GNAC Female Field Athlete of the Meet and holds the indoor and outdoor school records in the long jump. Hurley finished the meet as the Field Athlete of the Meet, winning the heptathlon, taking third in the long jump, second in the high jump and 16th in the javelin. Other Western finishers in the heptathlon included Maliyah Thompson in sixth place, Amity Deters in seventh place, Amariyah Clay in ninth place and Macy Clemans in 10th.

On the men’s side, senior JJ Walker finished second in the decathlon. Walker took first in the long jump, second in the 400-meter dash and pole vault and third in the 100-meter dash. Other Western finishers in the decathlon included Brennen Sorah in fourth place and Gabriel Burchfield in sixth.

As for the individual events, Senior Dayne Gordien won both the shot put, and discus titles. Sophomore Keeton Sanchez also brought home an individual title in the 1500m, winning the race by eight-tenths of a second. Other top finishers for the men included Justin Conklin in second place for the 110 hurdles, Amari Hendrix in second place for the 400 and Emmett Klus in second place for the 800.

Senior Kaylee Wright won the javelin title on the women’s side with an NCAA provisional qualifying distance of 43.25 meters and a score of 141-10. Other top finishers for the women included Lyndee McLauchlin getting second place in the javelin, Abigail Sanders in third place in the javelin, Maliyah Thompson in third place in the 100 hurdles, Krystal Andres in third place in the discus and Amariyah Clay in third place for the triple jump.

Both Western men’s and women’s teams placed second overall in the championship meet, each losing to Western Washington University by 23 and 85.5 points, respectively.

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Unhinged Hot Girl

Written by: Ruth Simonsen

“Twist” – Korn

“Peaches” – Jack Black

“Flamingo” – Kero Kero Bonito

“Ocean Man” – Ween

“Even Flow” – Pearl Jam

“Chelsea Dagger” – The Fratellis

“UZUMAKI” – Machine Girl

“Ram Ranch” – Grant MacDonald

“The Home Depot Beat” – The Home Depot

“Barbie Girl” – Aqua

“Friday” – Rebecca Black

“Photograph” – Nickelback

“Massive” – Drake

“D–ked Down in Dallas” – Trey Lewis

“Beyond the Sea” – Bobby Darin

“Life’s Incredible Again” – Michael Giacchino

“Coconut Mall (From “Mario Kart Wii”)” – Arcade Player

“Never Gonna Give Your Up” – Rick Astley

“Fruit Salad” – The Wiggles

“Guren no Yumiya” – Linked Horizon

“Crazy On You” – Heart

“Affirmation Song” – Doggyland, Snoop Dogg

“Frog On The Floor” – 100gecs

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Art Fest 2023

Written by: Gretchen Sims

The second annual Art Fest was held on May 17. Western students, along with select high school and community college students, were invited to showcase their artwork in select WOU Art Galleries for a chance to win awards and prizes. The 55th Annual Juried Art & Design Student Exhibition has taken over gallery spaces in the Instructional Technology Center and Campbell Hall until June 9. The high school and community college works were located in the Hamersly Library, but were taken down after the awards ceremony. 

Awards were presented to various students after a long day filled with engaging art across campus. While some awards offered money, some added the opportunity for the student’s art to be commemorated permanently in several buildings on campus and in the new Monmouth Town Hall. 

This year’s juried exhibit was judged by Chelsea Couch. The six $50 Juror’s Awards were given to Chawni Childress, Michael Holley, Mnemosyne McKay, Morgan Amerson Horton, Quinlan Elise and Lillian Roth. 

The Dean of Liberal Art and Sciences Award offered three $100 awards to outstanding students. These were presented to Annabelle Bullock, Lillian Roth and Quinlan Elise. 

The Serendipity Purchase Award is one of the most prestigious awards that is given out each year. The art piece that wins this award will be permanently displayed in the Werner University Center. This beautiful tradition was awarded to both runner-up, Anthony Quinones, and winner, Emelie Shay.

The Dean of Education Purchase Award is also unique in the fact that the selected art piece will get to be the next installment in the Richard Woodcock Education Center’s art collection. This year, the winner of this award was Quinlan Elise. 

The City of Monmouth Arts and Culture Purchase Award was given out to the student whose art will be displayed in the new Monmouth City Hall. This honor was presented to Melody Barrett.

The Wolfstore Award gives its winners a $50 gift certificate to the Wolfstore — to be redeemed for art supplies or Western merchandise. This year, three of these awards were given to Violet Babbitt, Mikayla Coleman and Anthoney Quinones.

Last but not least, the Faculty Recognition Award, given to this year’s most outstanding art & design student, was presented to Anthoney Quinones.

Western’s student artists presented strong and high quality work, showing evidence of a fantastic year of creation.

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Entertainment Editor wanted

Written by: Gretchen Sims

Ever wanted to express one’s passions for the arts? The Western Howl is hiring for the 2023-24 school year. Nine positions are currently open on Handshake and will close for consideration on May 22 at 5 p.m. Working for the Howl is a wonderful opportunity where one will learn how to work in a professional environment, write in newsroom standard Associated Press style and have their work published. 

This position looks amazing on a resume and helps expand one’s portfolio in writing and photography. Working for the Howl will be an opportunity to form friendships and connections across campus that will be beneficial, not only for the rest of one’s time on campus, but also for the jobs or internships that may come next.

Being the Entertainment Editor, in particular, is a rewarding job. Instead of the mundane writing one would often write in  class, writing for the Entertainment section allows one to compose pieces about subjects that they are passionate about. 

Some topics that are often included in the section are music, art, movies, TV shows, popular streaming services, video games and celebrity hot topics. There is such a large range of writing prompts that fall under the Entertainment section that whatever one is interested in, one can implement it into this section. 

So, be sure to check out Handshake if becoming the next Entertainment Editor is something that peaks one’s interests.  

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Guardians of Marvel’s Reputation

Written by:  Gretchen Sims

The most recent installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise was released in theaters on May 5, as part of Marvel’s Phase Five project. The film, which was written and directed by James Gunn, starred many fan favorites including Chris Pratt as Peter Quill AKA Star-lord, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Dave Bautista as Drax, Vin Diesel as Groot, Pom Klementieff as Mantis, Karen Gillan as Nebula and Bradley Cooper as Rocket. 

Besides the classic crew, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” also cast some new faces. Will Poulter, best known for his roles as Eustace Scrubb in “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and as Gally from “The Maze Runner,” made a spectacular appearance as Adam Warlock — an all-powerful being with a little bit lacking upstairs. Sean Gunn, best known as Kirk from “Gilmore Girls,” played Kraglin — Yondu Udonta’s incompetent replacement. Possibly most surprisingly, Sylvester Stallone made a brief cameo as a Ravager. 

The story follows Rocket’s origin story as he fights for his life after being attacked by Adam Warlock. The Guardians soon notice that Rocket has a killswitch inside him that prevents them from reviving him. The remaining Guardians must locate Rocket’s inventor and steal a code that can deactivate the killswitch that will certainly spell his doom. 

This movie encompasses all the stuff Marvel used to be made of. The cinematography and CGI are certainly some of the best out of the recent Marvel Phases. But despite beautiful displays, this movie is able to take Marvel fans back to their roots — the good times when Marvel movies were more than just an obvious cash grab. 

From the constant heartbreaks to the beautiful, heartwarming resolution, this film is a rollercoaster of emotions that is sure to delight fans everywhere. Every time the audience was served with a flashback from Rocket’s childhood, I was nearly on the verge of crying — and I don’t cry while watching movies. It was a real tearjerker, so be sure to grab a box of tissues before going to give this movie a watch.


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Beau is afraid, and so am I

Written by: Mikayla Coleman

“Beau Is Afraid” — Ari Aster’s third full length feature film running just under three hours — has a beast of a storyline. Attempting to explain anything about this film can be an enormous challenge and those who have seen it will understand. 

The film follows the tumultuous relationship between Beau, played by Joaquin Phoenix, and his mother, Mona Wassermann, played by Patti LuPone. 

After a visit with his therapist, Beau is set to leave for a trip to see his mother. However, a set of unfortunate circumstances prevents Beau from leaving on time. As his home and neighborhood evolve into a terrifying hellscape filled with odd characters with a tendency toward stabbing strangers on the street, Beau learns of the death of his beloved mother he was just meant to visit. In a hurried struggle to go lay her to rest immediately, Beau is struck by a car. 

This movie does a wonderful job at simulating what it can be like to have anxiety. The soundscape, visuals and symbolism are absolutely saturated with paranoia. Through exploring Beau’s warped world, one is able to understand and empathize with his fear that everyone in his life is playing a fixed part in the journey to unveiling his guiltiness and his ultimate demise. 

The film has a unique way of pulling the rug from underneath its viewers — every time that one thinks to themselves that they could possibly have a grip on what is actually going on or what may be coming next, it takes a massive turn into the unexpected.

Along with the film’s long run time comes multiple different acts, differing from one another greatly in all aspects. It takes a multimedia approach, with animated portions, flashback scenes, another entirely constructed timeline in which Beau has a family and is separated from them and many, many more twists and turns. 

This movie was beautiful, heartbreaking, cathartic and terrifying. It may have been how long the movie was, or simply the subject matter, but I felt disoriented for days after watching “Beau is Afraid” — trying to piece together what it was supposed to mean and debating what parts could have been tangible or dramatized by the unreliable narration of Beau. 

The only way to know how one will feel about this film is for them to experience it themselves. It is something no one can prepare one for. 


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The Main Character’s Playlist

Written by: Mirella Barrera-Betancourt

Having a bad day? Need a confidence boost? The following songs can help reframe any day into a scene from a movie, whether one is walking home or cruising down a backroad with the windows down. This playlist is for the people who want to feel on top of the world. 

“Animals” — Neon Tree

“Cigarette Daydream” — Cage The Elephant

“Escapism” — RAYE ft. 070 Shake

“Electric Love” — BORNS

“Daisy” — Ahnikko

“Collide” — Justine Skye ft. Tyga

“Midnight City” — M83

“Prom Queen” — Beach Bunny

“Sweater Weather” — The Neighborhood

“Hayloft” — Mother Mother

“Sweet Dreams” — Eurythmics

“Girls Just Want To Have Fun” — Cyndi Lauper

“Riptide” — Vance Joy

“Heroes” — ZAYDE Wolf

“Call Out My Name” — The Weeknd

“Judas” — Lady Gaga

“People I Don’t Like” — UPSAHL

“Ribs” — Lorde

“Big Boy” — SZA

“Perfect Day” — Hoku

“Tongue Tied” — Grouplove

“Gimme Love” — Joji

“Out Of My League” — Fitz And The Tantrums

“Tia Tamera” — Doja Cat ft. Rico Nasty

“Wicked Ones” — Dorothy

“Swim” — Chase Atlantic

“YOUTH” — Troye Sivan

“Someone To You” — BANNERS

“Feel It Still” — Portugal. The Man

“Stay” — The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber

“Teeth” — 5 Seconds Of Summer

“Hurricane” (Artsy Remix) — Halsey

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