Spring term intramural sports open for sign-up through IMLeagues

Find out what intramural sports are being offered during spring term


James Fowlkes | Freelancer

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IMLeagues, available on desktop, laptop or mobile devices, allows students access to a multitude of fitness classes and intramural sports activities that they can sign up for. When COVID-19 was surging around campus — and all over the world — students were required to sign up for facility and fitness class reservations. Before entering, students had to agree to wear a face mask and maintain physical and social distance while getting a workout in. With the mask mandate being lifted, signing up for facility use is no longer required, but students will still have to sign up for other fitness activities if they’re planning on participating.

IMLeagues also provides a list of intramural sports and drop-in activities available for all members. This spring term offers soccer, corn hole, volleyball, softball or home run derby, golf and tennis. Drop-in activities available for sign-up are volleyball, table tennis, basketball and futsal. Schedule-wise, basketball and futsal are held Wednesday nights at 7 p.m., and volleyball and table tennis are held Thursday nights at the same time at the Health and Wellness Center.

To get set up on IMLeagues, students have to create an account using their student email address. One can find a drop-in or fitness activity within the intramurals section, sign up and agree to the terms and conditions. Overall, it is a simple process. 

IMLeagues has previously offered virtual or esport activities such as Rocket League and Super Smash Bros. 1v1 tournaments. As far as this spring term, there’s no news on when or what virtual competitions will take place, but until then there are drop-in intramurals and fitness classes on IMLeagues.