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Social events turned virtual

Ways to party while social distancing

Rylie Horrall |  Lifestyle Editor

Our current pandemic situation has affected how numerous people go about their lives; some can’t go to their favorite restaurants, take a night out with a loved one or friends or even hold a birthday party during this time of self-isolation. In this day and age, most have technology that enables us to stay in contact with those we hold dear, even if it isn’t the same as seeing them in person. This doesn’t change the fact that get-togethers are currently inadvisable; however, those in the household can still celebrate birthdays and accomplishments.

While it’s advised to stay in and limit contact with others, there isn’t any ‘rule’ saying that festivities can’t happen with people already living in the same household. In regards to birthday celebrations, people can still make decorations and cook food — which can be a fun activity to participate in. Maybe it isn’t the same as going out like someone could have previously planned, but, it doesn’t mean it has to be skipped altogether.

For someone who wants to ‘party’ or just socialize with others not in their household, there are many video chatting applications that can be utilized for more than solely conversation. As an example, Discord can be used for video and audio calls, and gaming software can be displayed so everyone can participate. To continue with the party theme, JackBox Party can be played remotely for everyone, as long as the screen is visible, leading to an enjoyable time similar to playing in person. Netflix Party and the website are options for groups who want to watch movies or TV shows together; the former allows all users to sync up their devices so everyone can view at the same time, while the latter depends on the ‘host,’ or whoever has control of the room.

Right now, the idea of going out freely without concern for COVID-19 may seem bleak, and staying cooped up without friends could be disheartening. Birthdays are still coming and going, but plans have to be altered or cancelled for safety and health reasons. Nevertheless, some enjoyment can be achieved through celebration with roommates or virtual contact with friends afar.


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