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Eateries that are currently open with limitations

Restaurants offering takeout and delivery in the Indy-Mo area

Rylie Horrall |  Lifestyle Editor

With the world currently at odds with COVID-19, many businesses have unfortunately had to close their doors or, on a lighter note, had to modify the way they operate. In the Indy-Mo area, there have been multiple restaurants that have altered their normal routines, changing from dine-in to takeout and delivery only.

In terms of fast food franchises, the ones in the surrounding area have merely taken away the dine-in option previously offered, but continue to provide through their drive-thrus. Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., KFC and Subway are all continuing to provide service without allowing customers to sit-in. Many have even gone to lengths such as taping off their tables so customers that walk in to order are aware that dine-in is still not available. Burgerville and KFC have also given the option for delivery for the time being.

Nearby pizza establishments — Figaro’s, Papa Murphy’s, Domino’s, Mendi’s, Little Caesars and Yeasty Beasty — have mostly retained their same delivery and takeout options prior to the pandemic, however, Yeasty Beasty has since taken away the option to dine inside. The other businesses didn’t have buildings where customers could eat inside, so there wasn’t a need to change in that aspect.

In regards to food trucks, many have taken away the dining areas that used to surround the space around the trucks. Tucky’s and Lonney’s Lunch Wagon no longer have their respective picnic tables and tents, but still offer food for pick-up and takeout. Many have even taken to expanding their online ordering — like The Donut Bar and Tucky’s — so customers don’t have to linger longer while waiting for their meals.

Fan favorite restaurants near the university — Sing Fay, Momiji’s, Yang’s Teriyaki, Koyote’s, Urban Deli, Casa Burrito — have also taken away their dine-in options. While Momiji’s now offers delivery, the other restaurants have stuck with takeout as their sole method of customer interaction.

A handful of eateries have unfortunately had to close their doors completely, some even permanently, such as Main Street Pub and Eatery ⏤ which closed due to additional factors as well. Nevertheless, students living in the area still have a chance to grab food from some of their favorite places amidst the chaos of a pandemic.


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